Bold Phantasies Launched! Let’s join me and win PRIZES!

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To be empowered, you need to be confident; you need to believe that you will accomplish whatever mission you set for yourself.

To be confident, you need to feel positive and happy. And what makes woman feel good? The first thing that change our mood is when we wake up in the morning looking at ourselves in the mirror, everything feels right, everything looks good, and it makes you feel better, pretty and confident!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but majority of you feel more confident when you wake up with nice complexion, slim face, and non-puffy eyes right? 😛

Even Audrey Hepburn agrees that happy girls are the prettiest!

But what is that MOST IMPORTANT MOST IMPORTANT part on your body that affects you the most even if you feel pretty and confident???

Come on…. I’m sure you know this..
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It’s none other than our………………

I’ve got bad experience with UTI so I always make sure I wash my VJJ with vaginal wash! I’m definitely a regular buyer of Lactacyd! Not advertising here, I’m sharing what I really use!
If you suffer from UTI before, you will understand how I feel! The feeling is so baddddd!
I remember I was in Hong Kong the other time, I was supposed to dress up and look good, BUT DUE TO MY UTI, I totally lose all the excitement while in overseas!
So what I’m trying to say is even if we look beautiful and perfect, our mood will spiral down if our VJJ feel uncomfortable!
And when this happen, so how can we still feel happy and confident?

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Thanks to Lactacyd! I manage to keep my VJJ fresh and clean which contributed to my confidence! Don’t you feel that when you are confident, you tend to have extra courage to accomplish things that you usually don’t?

Do you still remember the previous phantasies that I mentioned??? YES!!!!!! I’M GOING TO HAVE A CHANCE TO DO THEM NOW! Mind you it’s not only ME, you guys are going to do it too!

BOLD PHANTASIES has already been launched on 10th April and I have been playing every day since then holymoly! And I am supposed to study for my exams!

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Join me in the game and show the world that we are POWERFUL WOMAN! That we are the confident, strong and empowered dare devils!

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Ok la, I’ll be honest with you… My main motive is to win the prize!! Look at the prizes below!

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You get to drive on the F1 TRACK and experience indoor skydiving!!! I’m sure indoor skydiving would be fun as well! To have my virgin experience outdoor would be too scary! So don’t snatch with me, I’m chopping this prize!

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Wakeboard and be a pilot for a day!! You ever wonder how does it feel to be seated at the cockpit? Now you will get to experience this!

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Also you get to experience face-to-face with SHARKS!!! And bungee! Weeehooo!
The skydiving is mine so you guys left 5prizes to win, (just kidding!)

I have tried playing the game and it’s really interesting, fun and cute! It resembles abit like super Mario which is my all time favorite childhood game! Let me guide you through the game to up your chance of winning!

I will sort the guide into 3 contents so it’s easier for you to refer to!
1. How to start playing
2. Games guide and content
3. Tips to prolong game life!
4. Choose your fantasy!

1. First! Let’s start registering!
Like if you haven’t already!
Go to -> to start the ball rolling!

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Join now and click OKAY!

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Fill in your particulars once you get on this page!

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After submitting your particulars, you can start playing or click around to know how it works!

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It’s pretty simple for the registration part!
Basically, you will have a character in the game that will run through 3 adventurous worlds in Bold Phantasies.
2 key buttons for this game are UP for JUMPING and DOWN to SLIDE.

2. Game contents, guides and rules
You will accumulate points while playing the adventures, the highest points at the end of the game will be submitted to the scoreboard, you can play as many time as you like but of course only the highest scores of all the tries will be recognized!
There are 3 game worlds in BOLD PHANTASIES, which give us a more realistic feel to it, they are
Land, water and Air.
This is ME running on land.

13 photo lactacyd11_zps9e758a80.jpg


14 photo lactacydwater_zpsbfa9c67d.jpg

And Air!

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3. Tips to prolong your game life!
A) Whenever you see Lactacyd objects – GRAB IT!

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The bottle can slow down your movement, so that you have more time to avoid the stupid objects like the insect, shark and the plane! The bottle can also give you a protective barrier (the bubble) to protect yourself from the objects!

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B) Answer the bonus quiz correctly!
At the start of each round, they will prompt you with a Bonus Quiz to grant you bonus items or points, do answer the question correctly because the question are quite straightforward and I want you to answer correctly to increase your chance of winning! It would be a great head start to the rest of the game!
This is an example of a question they may ask you!

19 photo lac19_zps45f02ad2.jpg

C) Collect as many points as you can!

20 photo lac20_zpsd85285bc.jpg

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Once you see them appearing, just collect and don’t hesitate!

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The more scores you have might even represent how empowered you are!! If you are worried that there are limits to the scores you get, then you are WRONG!
Because you can get more bonus points by uploading your receipt of your purchase of Lactacyd products!

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You know what is the best part of this??? One receipt is EQUIVALENT TO 10,000 points!!!

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I think I’m going to win already because I’m a lactacyd lover and I think I’m gonna garner high points for sure!
You don’t even have to upload immediately! You can come back the next day or after the game to add on the points! As long as it’s before the contest ends. How AWESOME!!

4. And lastly remember to choose your FANTASY!
REMEMBER to choose the fantasy you want to experience after you complete the game and write a short reason of why you want to do it! So they will know what to give you if you are the ultimate lucky winner! You can choose different fantasy every single time you play, but you can only win in one category!

Easy peasy, let’s start playing and accumulating points now!!! 😀 Do let me know if you win and share with me the fun you have! I will do that with you too! 😀
Please take a look at the terms and conditions prior to participating, although I feel you guys should be all fine to participate!

Thank you Lactacyd for helping us feel more empowered! In achieving the perfect and sexy VJJ which leads to great confidence! And now further boosting our confidence by giving a chance to unleash the dare devil in us to perform the BOLD ACTIVITIES that we have always want to do!!

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