Travel: 5D4N Nikko Japan- Meiji Shrine, writing wishes, harajuku best crepe, shibuya crossing!

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The only way now to de-stress is to BLOG. Today is my 6th day at home and I’m already dying from all the revisions. Yes 100% of my annual leaves are given to education. suck my money and suck my leaves, now maybe even my youth. hahaha. cos I have been sleeping late and waking up early, my complexion is damn bad now. 🙁 Sighh.. enough of the rambling.. I’m continuing with my japan post and here is our 3rd day in tokyo.. last Autumn! (yeahh.. imsoslowsorryla)

tokyo1 photo tokyo1_zps5e45a842.jpg

I think I can skip the typing because simon ‘activates’ the photos, and so you know.. the font are all his handwriting! I’m asking him to patent his handwriting/fonts? lol! People keep asking me what app or type/style of wordings is this.

tokyo2 photo tokyo2_zps8d0bde22.jpg

Asakusa-bashi Eki Chuo-Sobu line, today we board from here. 

tokyo3 photo tokyo3_zps2a232e64.jpg

tokyo4 photo tokyo4_zpsf3581eae.jpg

tokyo5 photo tokyo5_zps7fa4a6fb.jpg
He works there, not me..

tokyo6 photo tokyo6_zpsa3e613c3.jpg

Giant Tori to Meiji Shrine!

tokyo7 photo tokyo7_zps7e5136a0.jpg

tokyo8 photo tokyo8_zpse9638f0d.jpg

tokyo9 photo tokyo9_zps8d55b875.jpg

I purposely dyed my hair color to reddish brown to match the Autumn season, now I sort of miss the hair color but not the length. lol..

tokyo10 photo tokyo10_zps748f370a.jpg

I wish for alot of things.

tokyo11 photo tokyo11_zpse02fd378.jpg

harajuku Eki!

tokyo12 photo tokyo12_zpsd659197a.jpg

tokyo13 photo tokyo13_zps487a7bb6.jpg


tokyo14 photo tokyo14_zpsbd291ada.jpg

tokyo15 photo tokyo15_zps862db1a4.jpgSDA Tokyo Central Church

tokyo16 photo tokyo16_zps968528ad.jpg

hahahhaha! I’m trying to mimick the girl on screen and we realized there’s a little girl behind me! It was last August and My face has changed abit. :O

tokyo17 photo tokyo17_zps4d50b446.jpg

definitely BEST CREPE.

tokyo18 photo tokyo18_zps05cc8066.jpg

tokyo19 photo tokyo19_zps2834fffb.jpg

I like this photo alot, because it is far my features are blur, make me prettier and yea, very natural. hoho.

tokyo20 photo tokyo20_zpsfef3efae.jpg

tokyo21 photo tokyo21_zpsafbaa82f.jpg

tokyo22 photo tokyo22_zps0ac7aa09.jpg

tokyo23 photo tokyo23_zps0ba839cf.jpg

Shibuya Crossing

tokyo24 photo tokyo24_zps056cc899.jpg

Do you know how many times we crossed the junction just to take a decent shot, and….. results didnt really pay off. It ended up with my piss off face. lol!

tokyo25 photo tokyo25_zps3d68773c.jpg

tokyo26 photo tokyo26_zpsa6657eb3.jpg

tokyo27 photo tokyo27_zpsa13caaaa.jpg

tokyo28 photo tokyo28_zps8adecbab.jpg

That’s about it for day 3, will blog day 4 and 5 together in the next post.

mmmmm.. I shall make use of this post to reflect on the past few months..

But firstly! I want to exclaim! I am SOSOSo happy that I have internet connection at home now! I should have apply for it earlier so I could blog whenever I can! Previously I have to bring my laptop over to Simon’s house so I can blog and do my schoolwork. (which is such a chore!) now I can blog regularly?? (I hope) I think I’m doing not bad right now, hahhaa. I wish I can do vlog too but my house is always very noisy.

Enough of my nonsense, people have been asking me how I cope with school and work, and I can honestly tell you for the first few weeks I feel excited and after that I feel like shit because I was so tired. I was so tired that my mood was always BAD, I get irritated easily, I eat alot. Ya let me touch on the eat alot next time..

So yea, I feel depressed occasionally. 🙁 cos I’m tired and stress. But I have to pull through and managed to pull through after talking to people. Then… other than holding a full time job and studying part time, I blogged also.. So.. I basically don’t have time for myself la.. If you ask me how I cope I also don’t know how. But I can tell you how boring my routine is.

Mon-Friday: Work
Monday, thurs & friday: school at night.
Tues and Wednesday: revision/assignment/test
Weekends? Revision/blog.

It may be because I aimed high that’s why most of my time I dedicated to school, BUT think about it I am the one spending $20k for my degree, of cos I wanna score well right. The good thing is I’m not so crazy as compared to the poly times.. Even though I wanted to score high now, I’m already very happy if I can pass! So now I’m just praying that everything will go through smoothly and I can get my degree soon!

Yesterday I was tumbling and I saw this quote. I think it fits me very well.. Hope it motivates you too!

 photo tumblr_n4im29wqGN1sxhc2lo1_500_zpsf9668ffe.jpg

With Love,
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