Holiday mood and what will I be doing? ^^

Happy Labor Day!

I finished my exam and am having holidays now! The 3 that I’m taking this semester was Organizational Behavior, Commercial Law and Business Computing. I’m pretty confident about BC and OB but Law.. :/ Even though I got distinction for the Mid Semester test, I’m still really worried about the final one. I was well prepared though. So… let’s see how it goes! Results would be out on 29th May and I pray for the best! 🙂

Oh in case you don’t know which school I am in. I’m studying in SIMGE. If you want to know more about the course, fees, module synopsis and stuffs. You can go to their website to check or give them a call!

Back to normal life is incredible, I can sit at home, sip my coffee and browse the internet as long as I liked during the weekend! The difference between studying part time and studying full time is that during holidays, I still have to work on weekdays. I kinda missed the days where I can blog whenever I can and do whatever I want, but now is different, I’ve grow up and it’s time to earn and save $$! I actually thought of having a blog post or vlog to talk about how crazy I am into saving, what do you think? lol!

This is the time where I am going to work with Simon on our wedding preparation. We met up yesterday and wanted to talk about these things but end up doing crap and laughing away! Not productive at all..

I still have one more post on Tokyo and before going into that, I will be blogging about the staycation this weekend with Kairui at Conrad Centennial Singapore Hotel!! So excited! I got free upgrade and allowed late checkout at 3pm! hehe.

Last Monday I went for dress fitting and I point out a few things that I would like to change. I’ve always looked better in long sleeve so I decided to wear a long sleeve wedding dress. (I didn’t mention about this right?) Something different from the usual tube! I told her to remove the beads, crystal and sequin cos I want it to be casual, the sleeve to be longer and the lace on the wrist area to be lesser and in a triangular shape, I dunno how you call it but ya it’s something like that. I will post the photos of me wearing it as soon as I have the photos!

I also want to talk about this Shophouse Coffeeshop – Hong Kong Jin Tian Eating House that’s already closed down. They are very generous with the meat and the noodles taste good too! It’s only priced at $3-$3.50.

 photo SAM_0327_zps3e677a43.jpg

 photo SAM_0313_zpsb52e8302.jpg

 photo 2014-05-01_zps8136b4d2.jpg

Time has changed and more shops are closing down, all the old school stuffs are missing, I can’t even find the wall’s twister icecream. (if you see it anywhere pls let me know, to be honest I’m not even sure if I’m referring to this one 😛)

Another thing that I’m emotional about is that, I have walked past this eating house a few times in Tiong Bahru and I have ALWAYS wanted to eat there, but because I’m very health conscious, I refused to try. And now it’s closing down and I only tried once.. sometimes I think maybe I’m too obsessed about the kind of food I eat that I missed out a lot of cheap and good food. zzz. Gotta change this mindset. Need to start eating more local food (other than yong tau foo) and lesser of westernized dishes!!

I’m going to end my post here, to continue editing my videos, and planned my schedules ahead for May and June! Bye! 🙂

Where to find this???

 photo 8833072234526_zpse41882c5.jpg

With lots of love,
Claire 🙂

ps: I will be discussing about having cravings during dieting soon!

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