Luxury Babe Contact lens

I haven’t been wearing contact lens for the longest time. The last time I brought my new buy GEO lens (from optical shop) to Cameron Highlands and I can’t even put into my eyes becos it hurt so much. sigh..

The first time I wore Geo I also got eye infection. Maybe I’m just not fated to wear GEO.

And because I have perfect eyesight, I find it a waste of money to keep buying contact lenses and solution. lol. So i decided to go natural. so far so good. actually I prefer the natural look but there are just times you want your eyes to be big and pop! haha.

Thanks to Denise who send me Luxury Babe lens to try out!

I request for Grey color and She sent me Barbie Viola in Grey. :):)




First thing that came to my mind, is it gonna be dry?

I wore it from 7am to 10pm and didnt encounter any bad things. So definitely pass the comfort stage.

The lens is really huge if i’m not wrong its 17mm. I once wear geo 16mm before and I looked like a freak but this one is more natural.

The price is really reasonable, it’s only $12 per pair (and if you buy more of cos cheaper :P), and the seller Denise is really sweet, friendly and helpful!

The color wise, it was suppose to be grey but looked more like blue when I wear it, but fret not, she got many other colors!

You probably want to check out her online shop in FB! – Beauty Galore :D:D

She sell other stuffs as well so do check it out! 🙂

*review is subjective and it’s based on my own eyes.