Eating healthy is easy.

I’m starting my full time job next Monday, and I gonna make sure that I prepare home cooked meal everyday for lunch. Why?

1. I hate crowds. I can’t even eat in peace.

2. Eating out to me are unhealthy no matter how healthy the food are. For example vegetarian food, oily and full of flour. Even the vegetables are oily, but I realized that all the vegetables out are oily, except for pure salad. haiz.. and not to forget they are full with MSG. this is enough to kill me.

3. I dunno what to eat when I go out for lunch, I dun like to select my food last minute. crazy right? My personality says I’m a planner, I dun even know since when did this start, probably 1 or 2 yrs ago?

4. Home cooked meal is awesome, I can make it as healthy as I want it to be yet filling and fill with varieties and also, satisfy my cravings for the day. πŸ˜€

Some home cooked lunch ideas to bring to work after a week of thinking: (oh by the way sorry for being away for so long)

– aglio olio, soba noodles, grill chicken with veggies, chicken salad, potato salad, all kind of salads that you can think of with different dressings, interesting sandwiches and more la.

– I always thought I got no time to prepare a good lunch for the following day but after ‘this thing’, I realize I can, sometimes you can’t have the best in both world, so you gotta sacrifice and suck it up!

I will post whatever I brought to work if I think it’s good enough for a photo. HAHA!

So please eat healthy and continue to work towards your goals even though I’ve been blogging lesser. Weight doesn’t indicate how you look, remember this.

I’m feeling much happier now, it’s like a heavy load off, I won’t need to worry about that anymore as I’ve already do what I can, now I just continue to wait for another few months πŸ˜€

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