went to burlington sq yesterday to collect bb’s router.
it was raining so heavily!!
went over to cafe patisserie for latte and seafood platter. (:
love eating with bb.
went back b’s pl, fool around while he fixed his router,
poor him, and went to hougang mall to buy cake from bengawan solo before cabbing home.
alone. πŸ™
wanted to sign up for exotic dance, which is this coming thursday!
but from their website, come to know that we got to make the full payment at least 7days before the course commences. like toot!!!
working now, deadly life.
looking forward to the 7th. (: not mainly but partly. shhhhh.. πŸ™‚

yearning for perfume – gucci, envyme. (genuine, departmental stores.
bio-essence cream. bird nest. (:
getting them!
*gonna jog on mon, tues, wed and friday. train!!!
cheeray! class start this thursday! (:(: extra calories burned.
i am suffering in this discomfort. *cry out loud.
having menses now, looked damn bloated. but still,
4more kgs to go until may!!
dance, jog, exercise, dance, jog, exercise.