i dont understand why bb ‘loves’ this look so much. arghs*
went to bb’s place after work yesterday, rot abit and head to pasir ris, downtown east, for his slippers,
in the end he didnt get anything, but it was not a futile trip to me. cos i enjoyed his company LOTS. πŸ˜‰
he send me home from pasir ris to yishun, poor thing, so late alrdy still need to send me, despite feeling so exhausted.. :(( didnt take dinner ytd, LOL, thumbs up.
today gonna meet leilei to go town (kino!) & dempsey to chit chat. ;D
waiting for my soyabean now. very long. ;'(
if anyone of you guys are having constipation, no harm trying the alpen light bar, cos the fiber contents is really high. of cos other than that it is a MUST to consume loads of fluid.. im not having constipation but im taking that, and so it becomes diarrhea. laughs*
will be back on monday, ciaoz!