we meet last night. 😉 *sweeets*
i dont feel that emo when im with my love. but when im alone especially in the morning,
im extremely emo. images and stuffs are killing me.. the more i looked @ myself, the worse i feel. the urge of becoming like them also get stronger.
am i going to allow myself to continue all this? and go bonkers?

*shake head. i dont know. haizz..
i dont want to make any decision. cos the hugs and kisses meant alot to me.
and i cant bear to.

bridge? barrier? gap?

digestive system damn smart, reject fattening, oily and fried stuffs.
oh ya and my diet for this few days is CRAP!
im feeling down and i began to snack abit now. NO GO! darned.
but i keep going to the toilet thats why i kept feeling hungry..
pls, for goodness sake.. control! and my expenses is bloody crazy got to ctrl.
it hurts.