going bb’s bro’s place later, lil cute is alr 1yr old.
how time flies, amazing.
and will be staying over @ b’s place tonight. (:

i had a ‘quarrell’ with him ytd.
blame it on my bloody mood and attitude.
must be this menses is coming, thats why im feeling like that.
suspecting this and that, getting insecure, damnit.

and thanks to my family members, 2LS.
keep barking @ me.
resulted insufficient sleeps.

not much appetite this 2days,
cant even finish the veggies that 1LS prepared for breakfast.
been taking cereal and vegetables, yogurt, alpen bar.
too much of cereal caused me to have itchy throat. *coughs

90sit ups DAILY + jogging thrice a week become a MUST for me now. (:
still somemore“

SIMONTEY, I LOVE U! *continue.. (nighttime)

lil cutie is so damn adorable, even when he cries.
what a icecream baby~ *giggles.
i adore babies so much!!
sitting beside bb’s mum now. (:
bb went for dinner with his poly’s friends just now.
i slept for awhile and woke up to play mahjong. hehs!
luck wasnt very good, 6bucks gone, and it was bb’s mum $. *so paiseh
baby bought cute small chocolate pebbles for me, i tasted he’s instead.
he ate alot for his dinner, good for him!! *smirk
i had milk for dinner. haha..
tml gotta go back home, *sigh..
miss you bb. πŸ™
* i dont wish to listen to anymore naggings from the 2LS.
very tiring+irritating. zzz.

looking forward to the day, when i can actually eat like a normal human being. *roll eyeballs*