messy hair, fat cheeks, double chin, not obvious collarbones, ugly tummy, fat thighs, ugly calves.

how do you define beauty?
go for inner beauty or outer beauty?

a fat and ugly lady = kind soul?
a bitch = voluptuous figure?

appealing? sensual? shapely?

why do people go for plastic surgery?
low self esteem? no confidence? to attract guys?

why do so many people cant accept it?
although it may look fake (tosome), but it actually helps you to look your best.
let say, for example, nose surgery?
some of us are very unhappy with our nose, because of the size and shape.
when you go for rhinoplasty, it not only reshape you nose, it even helped with your breathing,
cos it work on the cartilage that separates the two nasal air passage.
it isnt a bad thing right?

what about breast implant?
put it nicely, its actually breast enhancement. πŸ™‚
every woman are looking for improvement and realistic in the way they look right?
it actually enhance ur appearance and your self confidence,
you can buy more lowcuts!

need to work now. come back later.

‘*very busy today. πŸ™
ytd i went for a run, very excited, stamina is improving.
i can continue BUT my feet having blister i guess, dunno..
den wei tong. -.-”
think ytd still eat alot.
tdy i eat much MUCH lesser. damn happy.
hungry now. *weiting* for my milk!!!
HAHAHA! the weiting is really i accidentaLLY typed one.
crazy alrdy.
i need to save a lot of money, for present and future.
oh ya back to plastic surgery, who knows if i will go in future? 😑
not going for the chalet alrdy la on the 7th. going dempsey hill, view beautiful scenery with leis.
i told her im cant eat much, she say snack and drink! worse man!
LOL. but once in a lifttime luhs.
mid april is nearing! counting down. scary!!!
screwed up*
he is expected to arrive today! LOL.

*hai.. its going to be march, just when are you going to come back to me?
hopefully not weekends, because im really not free on weekends.
on weekdays ok?
although i dont really fancy you but i hope its better that i can see you soon.
just take it that i miss you ba. πŸ™

*hi, you have this office space for rent? FUCK YOU!