after valentine’s

i had a wonderful valentine’s, memorable.
you know how i spend it? of cos is with SIMONTEYPOHSIANG.
we went to *** to put our things first den we head off to parkway parade,
to get some stuffs in giant and cold storage.
he bought a camera cos he said it is a very important day, its worth it to spend this money for the cam.
den we went to east coast pk.

OMG! i love that army style cooking can.
he simply prepared our pasta at east coast, beside a tree and on the ground.
had pasta, salad, cranberry bread as dessert anddd WINE.
it really touched me mann.
this is the first time i spend my valentine with a lover and its so sweet and unforgettable,
the next day we went to bugis, curry omu rice for lunch! tian ji porridge for dinner.
AH HA! NOW U KNOW WHERE I GO! hahahahaha.

yesterday went to his place and had lunch/dinner with his parents.
had thai style curry fish head and bro-cor-lee with scallops.
i think im putting on weight. SHIT.

i really enjoyed myself this 3days though i looked like a ghost. hahaha.
i think if there is really a weight gain, worth it ba!!! hahaha.

*no pics to upload, its inside hubbee’s cam, would upload it soon. (:

miss u..