Descendants of the sun: Song Hye Kyo earrings 

Let Claire share something with you. It’s about her ears. She loves earrings ALOT but she is allergic to nickle and some other materials. So if she happens to see pretty and affordable earrings while she is out shopping she will think twice before getting them.

It’s quite bad because once she wear them her ears will ROT. It will get super itchy and all the pus will come out. Okay la now I’m exaggerating but really. it’s bad.

Like today’s earrings that I’m featuring they made my ears itch too. That’s why usually I can only wear once every few days. :/ But guys if you’re interested they are really pretty and cheap! HAHAA. I bought these 2 pairs from Carousell and you can get them from Qoo10 too!

There are more designs of course which you can check out over here.

 photo limited_stocks_descendants_of_the_sun_song_hye_kyos_earrings_1463195098_2774b6a4_zpsvc0tu6lp.jpg

I like these 2 because they are simple, good for everyday wear and very pretty as well. The one on the left is super easy to wear, just poke in and they are there.

 photo IMG_0058_zpsvzke4esy.jpg

And the most important thing is they made me look more koreanish. lol!

 photo IMG_0059_zpscncwzshp.jpg

And for you guys who saw this selfie of mine (below) I actually didn’t really change my eye make up, all I did was open my eyes bigger because I usually smile wide wide and my eyes will become smaller and smiley lol?? So maybe in a way it hides my makeup.. does this make sense? 

 photo IMG_0163_zpskrgeccqv.jpg

The last one. I think I might just do eyebrow embroidery for life.

 photo IMG_0266_zps8qqln4hq.jpg

Go shop for more earrings!!!

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