[Simonseries] How I poison my wife into buying new gears


Recently, Claire began asking for new camera gears and learning how to use them. Even though she still forgets what I taught her almost immediately after I just taught her, I still think its great because at least she’s making an effort.

A few years back, she didn’t even bother to learn. She mostly just use the cameras I got for her like a handphone camera. Then might as well just use handphone right… Why I want her to learn is that she seems to like taking photos too, so why not make it a shared interest between us right? But her enthusiasm dies as soon as it ignites.. so…

I try to take more chio pictures of her. And when she got impressed, I’ll say things like: “This is the unique feature of this lens I have, if I got that other lens, I can create another unique look on my pictures too.” or “yes you see that shallow depth of field? Not only do you need fast lenses, you need a camera with a bigger sensor to achieve that. Why not I get you a new camera?”

Convincing? I hope so, because I need her green light to buy expensive gears. Sometimes I ask her so much she gave me an orange light only, but that’s better than the usual red light towards everything I ask. LOL!

And I also used the reasoning “Wouldn’t it be great if we share the same hobby?” and got her to go out and take photos of all those beautiful God’s Creations around us. So nice right! And of course in order for her to do that, she would need more gears (for me too!)


Hiak hiak hiak hiak hiak.

Claire happen to be quite accomodating for a wife. Maybe because I’m mostly spending my own money so she don’t care. Well whatever, I’ll have to put a stop to all the spendings soon because our apartment is coming real soon.

and that will be another post for another day.