Costa Coffee: The new Corto Collection #LondonStyle

When the coffee addicts saw this, how can they not try?

 photo IMG_9271_zpskl9rz53t.jpg

Tried out the New Corto Collection from Costa Coffee and we have mixed reviews here!

 photo IMG_9272_zpsky6j2zzb.jpg

Went to the outlet at Plaza Singapura, saw this and took a photo! :p

 photo IMG_9273_zpsywibzpkk.jpg

I tried all the coffee under this collection except for the Corto Black. I didn’t want to spend $4+ for black coffee. hehe. They have 4 coffee, the Corto Black, Corto Classic, Corto Mocha and Corto Caramel. Our favourite is the Corto Classic.

I usually would prefer Mocha or caramel but the ones from this collection are quite bad.

 photo IMG_9275_zpsulekfrkb.jpg

 photo IMG_9276_zpslfzpqdio.jpg

 photo IMG_9274_zpsnc8ggemj.jpg

The first time we had the Corto Classic, I liked it alot. I thought it tastes like flat white but Simon says macchiato. haha. It was quite smooth and fragrant! That’s why we went back to try the other flavours!

 photo IMG_9277_zpswow9upkc.jpg

The second time we tried the mocha and caramel and it was erm…

 photo IMG_9278_zpsxr1dl0sy.jpg

Mocha really taste like diluted hot chocolate.

 photo IMG_9279_zpshqjddoqf.jpg

and the caramel was really diluted. gosh. tasted like caramel water. 🙁

I was very disappointed with the mocha and caramel, but thank god there’s still the classic. Anyhow Im still happy with this new range they come up with, hope to see more of these. ^^ Like I say, trying new things’ always fun. =D