[Simonseries] Couple App: Between app stickers!


I just got a couple of Limited Edition Between app Stickers in my mail!

I’ve been using this couple app with Claire for a long time now, I think its about 2 years now. The biggest draw to me is the cute character stickers, there are 2 pairs of couple characters and the stickers depict them doing silly sweet actions together. It helps because some actions are like those special moments me and Claire shared together, brings a smile to my pimply face and warms my soul. Times when I get irritated by Claire were forgotten the moment she send me those diabolically cute stuff.

The app itself offers more features of course, the other useful one would be our shared calendars. We can update the calendars on our end and the other party will be able to see the events you updated. There’s also an option to export it to my Samsung calendar app. Good for when she want to update me on her schedules.

Anyways, recently I saw some promotion going on about the company that created the app having another app that collects reviews of dating places around the island. The WhereTwo app. Its still in its beta-testing stage and you have to ask to be invited to test the app. I did just that, and it is said if I post 5 reviews in a week they will send me stickers. I initially thought its those digital stickers I always used with Claire, so when I submitted my claim I was expecting them to send me a link to download those digital stickers onto my phone.

But I waited and waited and got nothing. So I was ready to give up, then the unexpected happened in the form of a small envelope in my mailbox that says: WhereTwo user Simon Tey.SO DARN CUTE RIGHT!!!

I hope there are more, but seems like I missed the rest, because I can’t find the promo ads anywhere anymore.. Oh well, I’m just gonna go sleep with these stickers now.