The Truth Seekers Channel 8 drama – 28 April 2016

Beyond words’s last episode on 27th and next we have The Truth Seekers! It’s all about investigations and unsolved mysteries! =D

The cast for this drama includes my favourite Rebecca Lim! Chen Han Wei, Ian Fang, Hong Ling, Brandon Wong, Desmond Tan and Yusuke Fukuchi (japanese?) and by the way what’s with the Rebecca and Ian Fang rumours ah??

This drama will be full of suspense and there will even be a love triangle story! I hope it’s good! To prepare myself I have already googled the plot: check this out before you watch too! 🙂

Will return soon to post what I think about the show! =D

Update May 10th: Unfortunately I missed alot of episodes. Had been too busy with renovations and what not. But I remembered the case where the 3 kids were being murdered. That one was quite a sad story. IMO this show is really good! I only wish I have more time. Did you watch? Can you share the show with me this time round? =)

One thing I’m sure is desmond tan definitely likes rebecca lim.

Update: Initially I thought rebecca lim won’t fall for desmond tan but end up she got feelings for him.. this part abit lame though. But I kinda like this couple lol!

And then I’m also confused. I thought Rebecca is Chen han wei’s daughter? And then now find out that his long lost son qicong is dead and the wife is the culprit. not very sure how he dies but somehow this is related to desmond tan. complicated.. And don’t you think lynn poh is very pretty? how old is she man..

Update 30th May: Interesting ending but too complicated. I like the meaning of the drama though. People commit crimes because of different reasons, love, greed, self esteem, and etc. I think sometimes it’s really hard to think straight when you’re filled with anger or any other emotions.

Anyway I see alot of you are super interested in Yusuke Fukuchi eh? And I hope they can have truth seekers 2!

Tomorrow the first episode of if only i could!