Giftslessordinary – Beautiful & memorable personalised gifts for your loved ones

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, do you have any plans for or with your mom yet? Are you bringing her overseas, treating to her a meal or thinking of giving her a present?

If you have no idea yet, then maybe you would like to check out this website that I’m going to intro today. 🙂 Well of course it’s not for mother’s day only, you can explore this web for almost anything, from art to accessories and even home decorations. I also liked that their products are categorized very neatly as shown below:

 photo giftless1_zps39e0tdpl.jpg

I personally like the occasions column the most because it’s very easy for me to look at the type of gifts I can get for the specific occasion. ^^

Giftslessordinary is a luxury online marketplace that offers unique and personalised gifts, I for one am a sucker for personalised gifts, I find it very personal and sweet.

One of their bestsellers for their women’s accessories is from Merci Maman, they are their partner from UK and each of the jewellery products come personalized and handcrafted.

 photo giftsless2_zpshczmxr3w.jpg

I picked this Personalised infinity bracelet for myself because I thought it was very beautiful.

 photo bracelet_zpsrbdzy6up.jpg

You can choose the type of metal and braid colour for your own bracelet too, either 18K Gold plated or 925 Sterling silver, and there are 16, SIXTEEN (i’m serious) colours for you to select from.

I chose gold plated and the color combination of royal blue and gold because they are a great combi and on top of that, both are also my favourite colours. Well of course, I think they matches my skin tone really well as well. :p

You can also have a message engraved onto the infinity charm, I asked to engrave my anniversary date on it so that I will be reminded of this special date whenever I wear it. ^^ <- this is the link if you’re interested with the one I have.

 photo DSC04404_zpscqqe4kro.jpg

The cute orange box that holds my blue bracelet.

 photo DSC04403_zpsqp1bn7ow.jpg

My royal blue and gold adjustable bracelet that was engraved with the date 12.10.15. Yes it’s adjustable. 🙂

 photo DSC04343_zpsgq7mtak2.jpg

 photo IMG_9565_zps5zrbq28y.jpg

Don’t you agree that it’s a very pretty shade of blue, really goes very well with white and gold. It’s casual yet elegant, really adore this one. Anyway this top is from anticlockwise and photo is taken at National Gallery Singapore, went there to explore and act artistic LOL.

Other than their jewelleries collection, I also like the other personalised items like these cute baskets for your home and kids!! I will definitely put my kid’s name when I have one. So cute please!!

 photo giftless3_zpsulk4hda2.jpg

Some items for the bridesmaids as well!

 photo giftless4_zpsnwjjfoyu.jpg

for birthdays!

 photo giftlessforbday_zpscxixyxfh.jpg

and even personalized vintage maps and gifts for foodies.

Overall I think this is a very comprehensive website and their items are really exquisite and thoughtful. The only thing that keep me from adding all the items to the shopping cart would be the price but looking at the bracelet, it’s in a excellent condition and quality so I guess it’s worth every cent. :p

Anyway no harm taking a look at the website, you don’t have to buy anything. :p

*Please note although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are of my own.