Currently using: shampoo/conditioner + reviews. (for hair loss)

I am doing this post because I’m always changing my hair products. By writing down, I will remember which one I’ve used before, which one is good/bad and these also benefit you if you’re thinking of changing your hair shampoo/conditioner or you want to try another brand A or B.

So this is what I’m currently using.

NaturVital Hair loss Shampoo, for women and for anti hair breakage.
OGX Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco
ASIENCE Shampoo (Nature Smooth)

 photo IMG_9368_zps0btjgix5.jpg

You might be thinking why I have 2 shampoos? Don’t worry I will explain now. LOL!

The shampoo I used in the morning is different from the one I used before I sleep. Hairloss used to be for morning but I’ve changed to night for the recent months.

By the way before I go on, I’ve tried NaturVital for the normal hair one, for anti-dandruff and now anti breakage. I can’t decide which is better, the anti dandruff or breakage but it would be good if they can have one product that has these 2 features.  :p

 photo IMG_9369_zpstph5ex4m.jpg

The Anti breakage shampoo can cause the hair to be more dry, hence you need a stronger conditioner to counter this. The Anti dandruff one is much better in this context but it’s not that effective when it comes to strengthening the hair.

So like I say, it really depends on what you want for your hair.

They have hair tonic and conditioner as well if you’re interested but I personally don’t really think I need them.

Next I have this Asience shampoo with me, supposed to help with oily scalp and tangled ends. Not so sure about oily scalp as I still have this problem, but I’m quite impressed with the effect it has on my hair ends.

My hair’s so much easier to comb now! Compared to the past where I’m always struggling, I think they are currently in a pretty good shape already.

 photo IMG_9371_zpsfcci401w.jpg

Of course when you finally settled your shampoo, you got to have a good conditioner too!

I still haven’t find the perfect one for my hair but am currently using this OGX renewing argan oil of morocco conditioner, argan oil conditioner in short. 

 photo IMG_9370_zpsp5i2tkk6.jpg

I think I bought this for $17, seriously quite expensive eh.. I was using Moist Diane‘s conditioner and it’s so much cheaper. Not very sure if this is helping my hair to look shinier but still think that applying the argan oil directly would be better. Oh yes, argan oil is really good for the hair ends!

I guess I’m done here, I will also write one more post about this brand that scares me.. which is soon.

Probably about a month or two later, I will update here with my new products. =) By the way before I go.. I actually wanted to try the OGX Cherry blossom ginseng shampoo but the smell is kinda strong that’s why I took the argan one instead. If you’re crazy about cherry blossom, then you might want to try that and let me know. ;p

Anyway what are you using?