My iPhone 6 screen cracked! (Vlog)

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Hi guys, this post is not 100% on iPhone. I did a vlog on a random day talking about how my phone screen cracked and my groceries haul and and and also I removed my moles. 8 MOLES. I remove my moles with nu reflections. Will blog about it soon!

So if you’re not interested in stalking my day through video then just read this space.

I dropped it 3times a day like seriously wtf.

First time I drop it in my house’s toilet. And I was already very upset because that was the first time I drop my phone!! When I pick it up my heart dies because I saw scratches on it. 🙁

But I try to be calm because this kind of accidents happen and scratches are bound to happen if I’m going to hold it for 2 years.. without a phone case. (my bad here because I should have gotten a phone case)

So the 2nd time happens when I was rushing because I’m going to be late for my appointment, so while at the bus stop, I think I was holding both my card holder and my iPhone and it slipped off my hand and dropped FACE DOWN ON TO THE TARMAC FLOOR. I was shocked of cos because that’s the 2nd time I dropped BUT I didn’t thought that it would crack!!! When I picked it up my heart shattered like the iPhone. I’m not being dramatic, I’m super anal about the condition of my phone. tsk.

I’m really very shocked and sad, then the first thing I did was call Simon…

We meet up later in the day and guess what. My phone drops AGAIN!

I’m not used to putting my phone in my jeans pocket, so that day I put on the back pocket of my jeans, (I also dunno why!!) next it dropped while I was trying to pee. (it’s okay we can be a little bit open here)

I went to google about iPhone screen and apparently a lot of people got their screen cracked too. Haiz.. Am i just unlucky or it’s the iPhone? Okay la should be me because tarmac floor leh of course crack lah..

Going to send for repair soon ($$$) and already bought a phone case. Sigh…
By the way if you don’t have applecare for your phone, you will need to pay 400-500 dollars just for the screen!!!! With Applecare about 100+.

And here’s the video if you wanna watch my vlog!
I need more luck lately!!!