[Simonseries] Hobbies Bobby Ep12: Whats usually in my bag?

Everyday I go to work. Same as everyone else right? Either work, or school or go market buy vegetable… When I was younger I would hate to bring a bag along when I’m out hanging out with my friends, probably because I don’t have any money to buy anything so I wouldn’t have any shopping bags…

After serving my NSF times, I was brainwashed and would always be ready for anything that will or will not happen. I used to carry only messenger bags but recently I realised I’m far from the fitness level I had during NSF times to bear the weight of what i carry in my pack. Especially after I developed an interest in photography, my pack gets weigh down by the amount of gear i bring along. So i changed to a backpack, it helps lots.

Before i changed to this Poler Rucksack i was using a Herschel Little America pack. Althought the previous bag looks very big with this load, it doesn’t hold as much stuff as my current bag. I fill the Herschel up to 3/4 of its volume but only 1/2 of the Poler with the same amount of stuff. About the knife, i do get worried that I will kena question by the police for bringing a knife wherever I go. But I don’t wanna have any regrets for not having it when i am in need of it. Thats the main reason why I got all these barang barang weighing me down eh, always ready for a survival situation (Music: The Survivor Theme).

 photo 20141026160417_IMG_0209_zpssd6jwpjo.jpg

Lets go through what i usually have in my backpack:

1. Kleen Kanteen 1.2litre water bottle – a must have, water is life, no water I die. Well I drink lots of water daily, and why would I bring such alarge bottle? Its because if I bring more I can share with Claire when I’m with her. She drinks alot of water too maybe because she complains alot. Lol!

2. Patagonia Rainjacket – serves 2 purposes, for rain and for the cold (air conditioning; no way Singapore will be cold)

3. Samseng/Xiaomi Portable Charger – Too much Clash of Clans drains off my phone batteries…

4. Small pouch with Victorinox Utility Knife, Fenix LED torch, band-aids, spare batteries, spare pack of tissue paper etc – Never know when i would need all these stuff.

5. A bottle of mints – I keep my mints in a plastic bottle, looks kinda battered but its clean ok its clean. And the bottle will not be crushed like those paper boxes and it seals tight.

6. Nivea SOS Hand moisturiser – Working in a lab expose my skin to lots of harmful chemicals. The skin on my hands dries up like crazy, scared a few kids to tears, so I have this girly item to prevent that.

7. A small notebook and pen – this must be my most used notebook currently. I like those atas notebooks like moleskin etc. Very expensive, very pro looking. I use it to take down anything that needs taking down..

8. A couple of carabiners. For hanging stuffs off things. I really like to have my handsfree all the time so when I buy stuffs I either stuff them in my bag or hang them off my bag.

9. One of the three camera set for different purposes, I’ll never leave home without one of them.

i. Canon 6D – for assignments (of which i haven’t went looking for a long while now), DIY photoshoots with Claire and materials for her blog. This is my main workhorse of a camera and my two favouritest glass (aka Carl Zeiss lenses) goes with it, not in the above picture because, well, I’m working it at the moment. I have lots of other acessories, speedlites, lenses etc that I accumulated over time but I mostly just use it with the 2 Zeisses.

ii. Mamiya M645 Pro-TL – this is my favourite camera! It shoots 120 medium format film and I really enjoy everything about it except the weight… when i bring out i’ll bring along a wide angle lens, lightmeter, and 1 spare roll of film. Film rolls and processing are expensive imo tho…

iii. Pentax Super Program – this 135 format film camera is when i wanna travel light but still want a separate camera i can work with. I cant leave home without a camera, and this one gives off that good old retro vibe, was lucky to find it in great working condition and been shooting close to 10 rolls with it now. Seldom use it now but still love it nonetheless.

10. Depends on where are we going that day, I might add a polaroid camera just for fun. I recently gotten the Lomo’instant camera from their kickstarter project, it takes Fuji Instax Mini film and add a touch of lomography style in the pictures. I’ll write up a quick review of it real soon!

I should probably weigh my pack when fully loaded just to see how much weight I’m carrying everyday, probably at least 6-7kg? I treat it as part of ‘training’, this is probably why when I go back for reservist i can tank heavy packs better :D. But then this comes back to my body, its gotten so weak that i think i need to do some warm up exercises before I go anywhere with my pack to prevent injury. I think I’ll easily twist my legs when i change direction suddenly, did anyone mention i walk really fast? I’ll talk about that next time.

Anyways there are times i wished i own a dimensional pocket like Doraemon. This kit serves me well for now. Who knows what else I’ll add next time..