[Simonseries] Non-ICT Chronicles: Beer session with buddies

Why do we need a reason to hang out together right?

Just a short post with some pics.

We went to have some beer and talk cock session with the deck 2 people at KPO, i think its the ex-Killiney Post Office but its turned into a pub now. The place is chic, we wanted to sit outside by the stairs to 2nd floor but its all taken up… So we made do with the couches by the bar.

Some of them discussing about COC. The rest just sit back and talk cock. And then of course we will never get bored of talking about our past experiences together.

And of course when a bunch of guys come together the topic will definitely drift towards the other gender lah lol. Most of us are all attached so we talked about our relationships and plans in the future. Thats when we see this pent-up frustration in one of our friends there. Lol! Ok lah to be fair to him, its not really frustration, more like… excitement? For what is to come. Lol!!

 photo _jpeg IMG_0221_zpsbenqrei2.jpg

 photo _jpeg IMG_0225_zpsjr3vmo2f.jpg

This person (I shall protect his privacy and not name him) used to be the most ‘morally upright’ person in the group but see how time changed him. Ha ha ha ha ha!

I really enjoyed this talkcock session, looking forward to the next one.



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