Heart to Heart Ep4: Update. Good/bad?

Really can’t believe The first year of school is over, it passed by really quick and scary.

The only thing that I dread about school is that I have practically no time with Simon, my friends and hobbies. Other than being funny on videos (I didn’t mean it to happen it just happen because it is me), I really love reading. Recently I just started on the Gone Girl novel and I’m hooked to it.

I read until 2am almost everyday and even tho my eyes are already closing I still refuse to close because I wanna cherish every single minute I have right now. And anyway I enjoy it cos I love reading! It’s just like I edit my video for straight crazy 8hrs and I don’t complain becos I love it. 😀

The other day me and Simon were taking photos for our invitation cards and doing those what not.. Super fun.. Haha! Anyway I will update this on the wedding planning post once the cards are being sent out.

Then we are also going to meet all the people that we have/need to meet to sum up the final preparation. Wow time flies..

So that’s probably what we are going to be busy with for the next couple of months.

But today’s post im going to rant abit…. Sigh.. I really wanna enjoy myself first after all the crazy studying, but I got some rashes problem which make my skin itch like mad.

 photo FullSizeRender_zps8efa9bfc.jpg

I can’t even sleep properly at night. 🙁 Already seen a doctor and he told me it could be food allergy or dust so I shall monitor first. Bad thing is the bumps are growing more and more and I’m really freaking out. Good thing is nothing happened to my face -.-

Then another thing is i think I’m freaking out cos the big day is coming up and I’m feeling really fat right now. But I dun wan to go into a full diet mode cos it will screw me up. Dun even know if you can unds this anot. At the end of the day I just dun wanna look fat on my wedding day and I really hope I dun have menses on the day becos then i will look like a puff up balloon. :/ i will try to eat clean, I have been really junky ever since I started preparing for my exam.. It’s really crappy..

Then the last thing is Simon is going for colonoscopy this wednesday, this simon really is made of paper. sigh.. lets pray together that nothing is wrong with him.

I think that’s the update for now. Thanks for reading my heart to heart episodes. Thank you.

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To that asshole, Be nice to people BE NICE.