[Simonseries] Living with Claire Ep8: Fickle-mindedness causes pain.


In this short episode of living with Claire-san, there is a things i get quite annoyed with whenever I go to her place. A usual conversation on a msging app would be like:

Me: reaching NP, do you need anything?
Claire: Erm.. nothing. Maybe some soy pudding?
Me: Ok. Dinner no?
Claire: Are you getting dinner? I got no meat dish for dinner!
Me: Ok. I’m not that hungry, I’ll get something to share.
Claire: What are you getting?
Me: Same old same old. Korean bbq loh.

…after i bought the Korean bbq…..

Claire: I want McDonald’s nuggets!
Me: Har?? But i bought the bbq….
Claire: But i want nuggets!!
Me: okok..

….after fighting through the crowd with my big backpack and lots of plastic bags in my hands….

Claire: Hey! I think don’t need to buy McNuggets. I found… popcorn chicken in my fridge!! Hehehe! So i decided to heat them up. ^ ^
Me: ……………………
Claire: …. you bought already?
Me: Y.e.e.e.a.a.a.a.h.h.h….
Claire: Hahahahahahahahahaha

This kind of thing happens quite frequently, but I still can’t get used to it. And everytime it happens I don’t know whether i should rage or laugh. Oh well..

Just a day in a life with Claire.