[Simonseries] Hobbies Bobby Ep9: Suddenly upgrade to Medium Format (film lah wont break a bank Lol.)

Hi guys.

Back in ep7, I mentioned about medium format. Whats a medium format you say? Well.. its just a bigger camera for using 120 film thats bigger that the more commonly found 135 (aka 35mm) film.

 photo _jpeg IMG_0089_zpshukwj1oh.jpg

I much preferred using film because I wanted to honed my photography skill more like those old school analog photographers who by looking at the light can guess the correct settings to dial in to get the perfect exposure. I feel that depending on machines too much we seem to miss out on this few critical skills as a photographer. You know? Like ‘aiyah the camera can guess the settings for me’ or even ‘aiyah I can always take the pic first then check on the lcd screen on the back.’ If we keep doing that we might just slowly forget what photography is all about.

 photo 20140921234443_IMG_0085_zpsvw9wdrxz.jpg

In my opinion I’m like a thief, I steal moments and preserve them. And in the process of stealing, I wanna learn the skills necessary to preserve them properly, so as to understand more about the stealing. Am I making sense? Aiyah whatever lah I say until I confuse myself also.

Then ah, to preserve moments ah, we need proper tools to do that and therefore…

 photo IMG_20140922_203016_zpshvueud8h.jpg

I bought this set from a friendly guy who also taught me how to use this and what to expect and so on during our deal. So as to start me off and make sure I take good care of it. Such passion. He made me wanna really take good care of this baby forever. Well at least judging from its condition and words from those 2nd hand camera shop owners, they say this Mamiya M645 Pro TL has parts that are easy to find and thus its serviceability (really got this word or not ah?) will remain good for years to come.

I haven’t really gotten to go shooting with this yet. The previous owner was kind enough to leave me with a fresh roll of Kodak Potra 800 film and some left over Polaroid 3000ep B in the polaroid back that came with it. With that said, I will seriously plan my shots properly. Theres only 15 shots per roll of 120 film and that make each shot even more precious.

I think I will shoot at least 10 shots of Claire.

Lol! Hope to find time to get it out soon. Wedding invites takes the utmost priority now. That day is getting really close eh? Sibei stress liao.