[Simonseries] Self-proclaimed otaku Ep3: Umai-bo hunted down

Hi guys,

I don’t know why whenever I wanna buy anything, if the choices include a japanese made one, I’ll choose it. That day at the pharmacy, I wanted to buy eyedrops for my itchy eyes. I picked the one from japan without much thought. Sweets also, japanese made sweets? Lup! Nice or not I don’t care.

So anyways, its been like a month and a half since I ordered some snacks from some japanese website? And my package isn’t here yet. @#$/^& damn japs cheat my money!!! Damn it I’m seriously waiting for it loh, everyday I expected to see a package on my table. But everyday I’m disappointed. Very upset. I think I give up on that parcel liao. @#$/^&.

But one day, I was supposed to meet Claire at the Central. She was late this time (although I have the higher rate of being late) I went around window shopping. There’s this Yamanaka Supermarket at the basement of the mall selling japanese snacks and dry groceries so I went in to check it out.

On a small table was this big pack of sticks that caught my eye, umai-bos!!! Its labelled as new means they just recently decided to bring in these delicious corn sticks! Wahh I’m so happy! Even though I had tons of things in my bag I decided to just lup that big pack of bos and think later! I bought the ‘mentaiko’ flavour, which is some marinated pollock or cod roe, and my goodness it taste so good!

 photo 2014-10-05 03.01.03 1_zpsxwuacsxd.jpg

I rate it 5/5. Best corn stick I ever had.

When Claire arrives I gave her one too. And she’s been at war with herself resisting the lure of having more bos. Lol!!

Btw Giant sells cornsticks too called ‘pika’ I think. Comes in many flavours too like chocolate, cheese, chilli? not too sure about that, and is cheaper too. But me being me, I’ll of course choose jap made umaibo. Now that I know where to get them 🙂

Simon 🙂 😀 :> umaibo