[Simonseries] Hobbies Bobby Ep10: My overly excited 1st roll of 120 film

Hi hi hi,

This is just a short post sharing how my 1st roll if film shot on Mamiya 645 pro turn out. The 645 is quite a heavy system i would say. Feels at least 500g heavier than my 6D+50 1.4 combo. And the handling feels very different as well, although i like the waist level finder alot. But the image from the finder is inverted (doesn’t have a prism to correct it) framing gets a bit counter-intuitive. The position of the shutter button needs some getting used to also. But still, i liked it very much. 😀

Here goes:

 photo D1000010_zpssvplkdnw.jpg

 photo D1000009_zpskqjcfuus.jpg

 photo D1000013_zpswximbioc.jpg

 photo D1000007_zpsiffnd0v0.jpg

 photo D1000004_zps2dlt0qd9.jpg

All of the above were not edited because I don’t think its needed.