Living with Simon – Pizza night (video)

I’m not gonna call this a series, I just can’t think of any title for this post. lol! Actually I feel it’s abit hard to maintain both a youtube and a blog now because I’m focusing on different topics. And i’m so obsessed with making youtube videos that i’m constantly thinking of things to video and do. Just for example a DIY video would take me 2days to do, and I need one full day to edit because i’m kinda anal about my video now. It’s not good yet but I keep trying because I really love filming.

So today’s video I’m going to show you one of our random nights. The title is winter night routine because it was requested by my subscribers, and I think it’s really fun so I just do it. 😀

But the content is actually more like my usual night with Simon, so I’m going to share with you guys! 🙂

We made some curry pizza and it taste super awesome! Try it if you haven’t do this before =D

And if you’re interested I also did a winter morning routine for them =D

Never been happier. ^^