[Simonseries] I walk fast, and I hate people who get in my way!!

This will be a ranting post.

This topic is something Claire will be very familiar with. Most mornings I rant to her about this. I usually walk quite fast, I won’t say very fast because there are people who can overtake me, but just faster than average. My reflexes were still quite sharp because I always manage to avoid collisions with pedestrians who don’t know where they want to go and stops suddenly or turning suddenly. Sometimes I feel walking can be like driving. I still don’t know how to drive, (Yes yes learning soon, lots of people are nagging at me over this…) but i know some basic etiquettes. There are somewhat common sense right?

Signalling left and right might be too much but people while walking should always check blindspot before turning or cutting into another (imaginary) lane. While walking on a path you should know what. I always check the blindspot before doing any of the above because although i walk faster than average people i do get times I cut into another person’s way and he/she have to e-brake. You may think its no big deal but having to e-brake all the time, I’m not too sure about the others but I really hate it, breaks my momentum, make my blood pressure go up..

Then there are people who hog the whole path, some couples or whatever like to walk side-by-side, shoulder to shoulder, arm in arm etc on a narrow path only wide enough for 2 person. Even when you are coming towards them staring at them, they would just nonchalantly continue walking in your path. What is this? Because you wanna talk to you whoever means i should walk on the wet grass and soil my shoes/pants whatever. Even if I don’t mind walking on grass i still think this pedestrian walkway belongs to everyone not just to you. I realised these inconsiderate people are not always old and obese, if they are old and obese I would gladly walk on the grass as there’s no helping it, some of them do face difficulties moving around. The ones that pissed me off are those young and healthy people. Damn can’t they be more considerate? Sometimes i would just stand my ground and stare, just to see if they would really bump into me.

I think we should make lanes on all these walkways. Keep to you left if you’re slow. Let the people in a hurry overtake you from the right. Then on narrow paths there should be a line in the middle, everyone should just keep left and walk in single file.

I damn bue tahan why I can make it a point to not trouble other people, to not be in any one’s way. But most other people all think they own the road and everyone else gotta give them the right of way.

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I will be sure to teach my kid(s) the right thing.