DIY/decor video Ep1 – Beautify my Study/work desk area!

You know what? I’ve been spending too much on crafts lately and I love it! I love doing crafts, diy and stuffs like that so so much!

 photo COVER_zps34b86ff8.jpg

 photo decor1_zps48116ab5.jpg

I did this quite sometime back and I video it when I was doing, I like to share what I do. LOL

Please watch this video cos I had a really hard time editing it. lol 🙁

And then if you notice the title it’s episode 1, you know what this means? I’m doing more! 😀 So if you’re interested in watching my videos on DIY, please subscribe to me! 😀

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With love,
Claire <3
Fact: I used to be really crazy about being an interior designer and sometimes I still think about that. But too bad, Im studying management now, maybe in the future I can learn more about this. So Im really happy when I do decor and DIY all that stuffs.. it really makes me happy EVEN THO I didn’t sleep much LOL!