Vlog: Bf dyed my hair & LOREAL PARIS Golden Nude Brown excellence fashion review

 photo SAM_0363_zps00caf26d.jpg

 photo cover3_zps097d8f62.jpg

Once again, I fail to go to a salon to dye my hair! My bf dyed for me, even though it’s a little not balanced, it’s still v sweet hahahhaa! and he’s using his usual newspaper as a prevention!!

On Saturday I bought LOREAL PARIS Golden Nude Brown excellence fashion to try it out. The color is not what I had expected (maybe due to the original hair color) and my hair is super dry now. 🙁

My original hair color is this..
 photo hair_zps67fb47a2.jpg

and now..

 photo SAM_0398_zpsa580f973.jpg

Aside from the top, the rest look almost the same. .

I did a video on him dyeing my hair btw. watch it! lol!

Verdict: Probably wont buy it again. Even though there is pre coloring serum and post color care conditioner, my hair still SUPER DRY. So…. ya…. 

Like my video if you think my bf is sweet! hahaha! 😀
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