Travel: 5D4N Nikko/Tokyo- Toshogu Shrine and Futarasan Shrine Nikko

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Nikko is a really good place for relaxing! I will go back and stay with Kono-San again for sure. Thank god for Simon thorough research if not we would have missed Nikko! At first we wanted to go Mt Fuji to see the color change but he found out that Nikko changed earlier! So here we are! So happy seeing red/orange leaves! :):):)

Previously I skipped alot of details, so now I should fill it up. LOL.
13stops with the bus to our hotel Villa Revage, checked in and went out with our bentos to comb the area before all the photos kicked in for this and previous post. Bentos were bought at train station.

You can rarely find dustbin in Japan, but the area is so clean. You can find dustbins everywhere in Singapore but we are still very dirty. -_-.

 photo 22_zpsbfda6755.jpg

 photo 23_zpsa09822f4.jpg

You walk a few steps and there are always something for you to take pictures of or with.. photo 24_zps29024444.jpgSo nice hor?

 photo 25_zps4e2b2b42.jpg

LOL the biker gang. photo 26_zps290e22a1.jpg

look scary..

We walked to a Park and saw that we have to pay to go in. (ithink) but we see everyone walking in and we just walked in and sit near the entrance to eat our lunch! IN CASE SOMEBODY CATCH US then we can run fast fast away LOL!!!

 photo 27_zps93ce43f5.jpg

Lunch time at Nikko, itadakimasu! 

The bentos are so pretty, we don’t bear to touch it.. about 1100YEN for both. photo 28_zps4a539167.jpg

29 photo 29_zps8eb6a36f.jpg

We kinda ate alot of rice here. LOL!30 photo 30_zps3dc8ebd8.jpg

31 photo 31_zpsfccc7c3b.jpg

On the way to Toshogu Shrine, Nikko. 

32 photo 32_zpsebcc1b44.jpg

33 photo 33_zps62108b61.jpg

world heritage snacks. 

34 photo 34_zpsd7748fa6.jpg

On route to World Heritage Shrines 

35 photo 35_zpscfe60139.jpg

Futarasan Shrine, Nikko 

36 photo 36_zpsa0951c22.jpg

Simon is catholic and he don’t really believe in this, but we both find this super cute. And yes I’m a huge believer of charms and horoscopes, I really bought quite alot of charms AHHAA. They range to 500-1000YEN, it’s actually not cheap!37 photo 37_zpsa79fdf57.jpg

38 photo 38_zpsfa40e2dc.jpg

39 photo 39_zpsf5a723f8.jpg

40 photo 40_zpsa49ee3de.jpg

41 photo 41_zps27eb8f1a.jpg

One thing we feel sian about Japan is, the sky turns dark at 5+pm. The sun sets about 4+pm? We don’t really have enough time to take pictures!! So sad!

It’s actually the Autumn’s making, but I dun wanna try going there in Summer. :X
My plan of 20pictures a post are actually not bad! Always end with a nice ending photo. hahaha.

Till next!

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