Travel: Japan- 5D4N Tokyo & Nikko: All Nikko Pass, train ride to Nikko, Villa Revage Nikko and more!

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Thought I’m going to have a HAPPY CHRISTMAS this year but it wasn’t, now I better hope for the coming 2014 to be awesome and hopefully in my new house (I WISH!)

So after delay for so long almost 2months. Here’s my first post on my Japan Nikko/Tokyo trip. Too many photos and thanks to Simon for putting words on the pics to remind me where we go and what we did. hahaha. It’s a super tiring trip like a marathon or amazing race but I enjoy this trip so much that I’ve serious withdrawal symptoms for about 3weeks.

The best part of this trip is that I only spend about $1300? Including flights+hotel. EVERYTHING. And it’s the first trip that I never gain weight. I’m so surprised.

I decided to put 20 photos for each post relating to Japan so you all don’t need to scroll endlessly. (sometimes more)

Don’t scroll blindly, it’s all passionate writing from Simon. LOL

1 photo 1_zps013c9cfb.jpg

Our first train tickets! It says ‘Oshiage’ which is actually one stop short from Asakusa (target) Nevermind I’ve got Faith!!! 

2 photo 2_zps0b2135ba.jpg

Impressed with all the train operators. The doors are always aligned. 

3 photo 3_zps14d15e5e.jpg

beaming with excitement but still super tired. 4 photo 4_zpsd528ede3.jpg

Top from Korea, given by Eunice. 5 photo 5_zps599ef7f6.jpg

At Tokyo, Asakusa 

I thought Tokyo was already cold, but I never expect…6 photo 6_zps434ee42e.jpg

walked to Asakusa (Tobu) station

7 photo 7_zpsa6b2e5f1.jpg

All Nikko Pass covers all Nikko buses for 4 days and Two way train ride from Nikko – Tokyo. Took Premium train because we were late.

Nikko is like freezing at night! By the way FYI, premium was SHIOK hahaha. 8 photo 8_zpsc437fd6e.jpg

Got these super nice crackers free while rushing to board the train!! From Tochigi. 

This is the best cracker ever!9 photo 9_zpsce1caea8.jpg

Here we arrived at NIKKO!

While we were in the train..10 photo 10_zps06a351c8.jpg

God.. I miss the place, I MISS THE WEATHER!11 photo 11_zps40ede658.jpg

Hanaishi-cho, Nikko bus stop #12 

12 photo 12_zpsb26ba885.jpg

It was about 13bus stops to our hotel.. Kono-san is so friendly and fatherly! hahaha. We had stone bath this night and the water was so hot!! I don’t dare to go in LOL!!! But the path to the stone house, you need to brave 4degree in the night with only your lounge wear. SO think about it..13 photo 13_zps3e5361c2.jpg

14 photo 14_zps307466db.jpg

15 photo 15_zps16d044d6.jpg

Pretty maple leaves, can never see in SG.16 photo 16_zps723a9119.jpg

Vending machines everywhere!!!! You can never see these in SG!!17 photo 17_zpsc316d3f3.jpg

Hanaishi jingga – An absolutely stunning place we came across. Being new to this place, we dare not enter. 

Yes, we didn’t dare to enter..18 photo 18_zps53af4b8d.jpg

so we walk into this and take photos, I’m hershel ambassador. LOL! oh yes, we love hershel alot!19 photo 19_zpsc2b284b4.jpg

20 photo 20_zps82794984.jpg

This is the start of our journey – Ikimashou!! 

Everything is like 100x better than SG. 🙁

21 photo 21_zps88bf4482.jpg

Look at how happy I was!
Love this Coat from Pull and Bear even though it never really keep me warm HAHAHA.
So happy when I was in Japan, come back to Singapore I feel like dying, the culture is really different. Japanese are so polite!!!!! They don’t push they don’t stare and they don’t curse openly. The vending machines are so convenient the food are so nice, even the combini food are better than some of the jap food here! I really hope I have some time this coming year to go back there. 🙁

Let’s look forward to photo 22-41! 🙂

With Love,

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