While I was away…

The past few weeks have been cafe and restaurants hopping around, trying to eat good food to get happier, but proven to be very wrong.. zzz.

And people start to introduce me as food blogger instead of weightloss blogger, now im stress! LOL. Okay let me make you hungry/drool too.

Brought Be to Realfood to try out organic and vegan dishes. The best of the day? The avocado and coconut smoothie! *slurp!

rf1 photo IMG_20131125_142426_zps74b6b438.jpg

I think my house need to have a magazine corner too.rf6 photo IMG_20131125_143203_zpsa74d0b69.jpg

The awesome smoothie! Smooth and shiok but kinda exp, it’s $6-7 for this small cup.
rf3 photo IMG_20131125_143941_zpsc578af61.jpg

Our main dishes.
rf5 photo IMG_20131125_144653_zps394f69a8.jpg

Not for the carnivore..
rf4 photo IMG_20131125_145129_zps30456a3c.jpg

Some unhealthy bites at Han’s. These was good though!
h1 photo IMG_20131129_185113_zpsbc328790.jpg

And food was not bad tooo!
h2 photo IMG_20131129_190350_zps97f82a6f.jpg

Bought myself a pair of opal earrings to bring out positivity and good mood. *.* even brings out PMS mood.
h6 photo IMG_20131129_205210_zps67bd2e53.jpg

Then, comes Charlie Burger, the really will get fat food.
h3 photo IMG_20131203_185931_zpse23ad2fb.jpg

BARGARS!!! Truffle fries!
h4 photo IMG_20131203_191446_zpsc73a217e.jpg

Met the bff on a weekend!! She brought me to her boss’s cafe, BUTTERSCOTCH CAFE!
 photo IMG_20131207_140850_zps30c134ad.jpg

Was too hungry and I couldn’t just settle for desserts so I got the chicken chop, I think it’s quite expensive. :/
 photo IMG_20131207_141700_zps73fa4015.jpg

Last Wednesday I went to have a look at my wedding venue! SO HAPPY IM PAYING THE DEPOSIT ALREADY!
 photo IMG_20131218_114435_zpsfff842e3.jpg

And last friday I had Christmas lunch at Garibaldi, tried to eat healthy food and got suan by my colleagues!!
 photo IMG_20131220_122243_zps950de6cb.jpg

The very good caesar salad! Tried my colleague’s mushroom soup and IT WAS THUMBSUP!
 photo IMG_20131220_124549_zps86e4104a.jpg

My Main dish chicken breast which taste abit like chicken pizza.
 photo IMG_20131220_132203_zps8a315e30.jpg

Fruit salad for god’s sake! :X
 photo IMG_20131220_140222_zpsbe050792.jpg

And then……… dinner gathering REALLY FAT LIAO LAH!
Awesome food man!
 photo IMG_20131220_194423_zpsdb2b89e9.jpg

Carrot cake yo! Super goood.
 photo IMG_20131220_211725_zpse648cdb9.jpg

So it’s Christmas season and I’m surrounded by festive goodies, and next is Chinese New Year, I need to fight the food cravings and temptations. ROAR!!

I will blog about Tokyo soon (SOSORRY) and my back appointment. Next in line is my gastro appointment. Screw my life…

For 2014…
I hope I can do well in my studies – typical -_-
And I hope I can get what I want and earn more money!
And that everybody around me to be healthy and happy! ๐Ÿ™‚

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