Health – How did my checkup go?

I gotta update this space abit with alot of 2013 thoughts and what happened on NEW YEAR EVE. damn.. Anyway HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!! I’m going to be 24 this year you know, it’s freaking scary. But nevermind lah, it’s going to come sooner or later. Anyway my oven catch fire and my handphone spoil on Christmas Eve, so I really pray 2014 will be a good one for school, love, friends and career!!

So I lost my Samantha Thavasa cardholder on New Year Eve’s, with polaroids of me and HZ and Simon. FML pls? THis cardholder is a birrthday gift from HZ!!!!!! I dun think anyone will return it already, haiz.. It’s been 2days. :/

Ok back to my health!
First, I thanked you all for the concern!
I went for my checkup and everything is fine, actually I still don’t know what causes the sharp pain. My specialist tell me it’s nothing serious, so I just have to monitor for the time being.

Recently there isn’t any pain attack so so far so good.

 photo IMG_20131209_160721_zpsb4172b26.jpg

So finally I make used of this chance to get a referral to the gastro department. About 2years ago, I actually need to do scope for my stomach, but because I was still studying and not working I skipped it. So now I’m going back on 6th January to get a checkup. Most likely will do a scope to find out what’s wrong with my tummy.

I think it’s because of my extreme dieting + bingeing that causes this. :/

It’s affecting my daily life and I really hate it. So I hope I get find out what’s the problem and get it solved ASAP!
So after 6th January then I’ll update about this!

*So anyway there are some changes with this appointment, which I will update till further notice -_-*
Anyway about 2013, mmm..

Ok let’s sum up.
I did something which I never thought I would do, and it burn both me and my bf’s pocket.
next I had my diploma after 3freaking years! and now 2014 I’m embarking on another 2years degree journey.

I had my first job after graduating, with a satisfied salary that earned me my first bucket of bronze! And majority of my colleagues are all very nice to me. 😀

2013 was my first tokyo trip and also my furthest! hehehe. And also first I experienced Autumn!

FOR THIS 2014!
I will study hard! And I will prepare myself for my wedding and flat! HEHEHE.
And hope I can huat!
And maybe another trip again? 😛

With love,

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