Mylife – Homecooked simple lunch!

Instead of snacking when I’m stress. I decided to COOK!

Cooking can destress, cooking is enjoyable, cooking is FUN! a sense of achievement!

But my time is so tight that I can only whip up a fast meal..

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Top left: The chiong Happycall that MIL got for me, it’s super good even though it’s not the real happycall!
Top right: Leggo’s pasta sauce, mushroom soup and pasta!
Bottom left: My seasonings =D
Bottom right: MOZZARELLA & Italian sausages

Ilovecheesesomuch,imsorryiletyoualldown,imnotfittobea’weightlossguru’. LOLOLOL.

auntie and uncle went cold storage/ntuc shopping

Tey: This one expiring soon one got discount HAHA!

a mixture of fusilli and macaroni!
mushroom soup, i love soup! be it mushroom, clam chowder or corn!
some leftover shredded lettuce, and the japanese salad sauce which was quite yum?
my bread pizza! taste superb and its easy to make, i think u all know how to make right?

ONCE AGAIN, a simple lunch but very fulfilling and happy! =DDD

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