[Staycation] Hotel Fort Canning Part 2

Check out part 1 here πŸ™‚

Hotel lobby

So where did I stop my post the other time? OH YAH. I changed and off I went to meet Mr Tey.
Anyway we had a small argument in Dhoby Ghaut carrefour. It’s over a stupid thing.

Mr tey was all excited about the surprise gift im giving him, and i told him it’s in my bag. it was a lie to convince him that i didnt prepare any hotel or sorts. and surprisingly he believed and he kept trying to open my bag. there’s nothing in my bag actually, in fact it’s weightless so i was rather worried. So how did the unhappiness start?

Mr tey says he wanted to buy wine for this occasion because he is very happy. But i got wine in the hotel and i cant tell him!
So I insists that i dont want to drink any alcoholic drinks (well, i rly dont like alcoholic drinks except for honeydew beer), but he got abit irritated. Then he suggested to buy other drinks, I was like -.-

he got annoyed because i kept repeating no. and i got annoyed as well. cos im like planning a surprise here for you and you are showing me attitude. LOL.

We bought chicken and salad and he wanted to buy pepper to ward off ants. LOL im afraid of ants but I said i dun want. I thought, come on lah, buy pepper for what. we are going into a hotel leh. then he got irritated again. -.-! he thought i was trying to be a spoilsport.

after buying everything, i told him i feel like shitting, and i wanna go fort canning to shit. haha. this is gonna be the worst excuse ever. But because im such a shit person, he believed! I mean i shit alot lah not im shitty..

So i lead him to hotel fort canning, actually I was wondering how come he didnt suspect anything when i lead him to walk the short cut, cos im a road idiot. when i reached the hotel. i acted like it was my first time seeing the hotel. and i hinted stuffs like you like this hotel meh? lol!!! then i went in and he stayed outside cos he’s eating the sinful cheese fries.

After I prepared the room, I called him and ask him to give me my stuffs. super random i dun even know what im talking. then he asked me wheres the toilet. i told him its on the 2nd floor. the stupidest excuse ever again.. he walked up and i half opened the hotel room door and urged him to come over. HAHHAA his reaction damn epic!

he was stunned. and he asked, what is this room?

erm, when you first step right in, you see a ‘living room’, a mini one. with sofa and tv. but when you walked in you will see your actual bedroom which was gorgeous. And he asked me did i book a function room or something like that. I was like what??? So i asked him to go into the ‘bedroom’ and he was like :oooooooooooooo

lol my chinese name, and this is my favourite. i feel like i really own the place

He walked around the room playing with the censored switch and etc. and he got really excited! he even asked if we can extend a night!

Something is super wrong with me, because whenever i give people a surprise, i will tear, for what right? i also dunno.. :/

anyway he took pictures, play around. and i told him our food is getting cold!!! and im hungry for god sake!
after dinner we went out cos i forgot to bring makeup remover! SUPER SIAN COS WE WANNA NUA INSIDE!~

chicken from carrefour, subway salad and german bread.

when we are back..

after i bathe!

had a rly good night sleep cos the king size bed is soooo super comfy!

breakkie time!
I was literally spamming salmon on my plate. omygod. my fav
after breakfast, NUA again!

lucky we can check out at 2pm, so checking in late isnt a bad thing eh? hehe.
I really missed Hotel Fort Canning, i will definitely book it again!! My fav hotel for now :D:D