[Travel] Cameron Highlands/KL Day 3 Part 3/3

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You can check out my part 1 and 2 πŸ™‚

Day 3 was upsetting cos we are leaving! our next stop is KL whereby we’re taking train instead of bus back to SG. was excited until…

last day of hotel breakfast, i make sure i eat to my full. as usual.

after breakfast we walked about our hotel as we’ve never had a good entire look/exploration at it yet.

garden area
the suite! i hate them cos they’gt heater and we dun have! =(

after this short tour and photo taking, we went back to our room. the strawbies that i bought the prev day which i deemed it smell nice and must taste yummy too and i got to slap myself at this, cos it’s not sweet at all. hai.. just not the season..

anw, it became frozen strawbies, definitely not my intention

and i dun reckon there’s freezer in minibar right? or am i wrong?

mr tey is god damn nua, he just lie there all d while. ohyah, yakult freeze.

after an hr or 2 of rotting, we bathed, packed and go. I believed we wanted to go to Restaurant Kumar to have our lunch as we’ve read good reviews from the net. But Sri Brinchang restaurant is damn good at pulling customers that we’ve got no choice but to settle there once again. hahhaa. but the food is awesome!

teh halia again!
egg prata

i asked for egg prata when im supp to ask for kosong, probably its the last day and im more than depress as usual. hahaha! i eat more when im depress. so the last day was pretty unhealthy!

maggi goreng

i missed eating maggi goreng so much, esp whenever i thought of the one i ate with selynn baby, it was so good. im going back for more. anw i dun like this maggi goreng, it taste like mee goreng. im disappointed. :/

there’s also herb naan and masala thosai. SUPER FULL + BLOATED. sinful max

after lunch we waited for our bus at this tourist area which i forgot where isit. it’s 28rm per pax for the bus trip to KL! By UNITITI! i think its under TiTiwangsa too! I swear we were both giddy on the bus, turns and more turns. but we manage to fall asleep, at least for awhile. Throughout this journey, i spotted huts and landslides which were scary, the landslides..

we reached KL sentral about 3-4hrs later if im not wrong.

settle at this chicken place which i wont go back again

i dont remember what’s the restaurant name! argh.
before that we were searching for a good and cheap restaurant for dinner, not to forget healthy eating. And to Simon’s amazement, i actually suggest that i want to eat Mac’s. I think im pretty depress still HAHA.

So he had his milk tea which tasted instant BUT d shortbread was good.

our meal. pathetic small drumstick i have. the boy even got more wedges than me! how unfair! *sulk*

we laughed at our dinner and both agreed that we wouldnt come back again. L.O.L
after dinner we walked around KL SENTRAL and settled at starbucks for awhile, redeem a venti drink from the lucky draw we won at TaNahRata.

cocoa cappucino we had and we still prefer cappu

about 11pm we took our train. I doubt there’s photos of it. It’s a small room with upper and lower deck mini beds? LOL the first thing we get into room/place or what sorts is to check for bedbugs! They are extremely grossed and we cant stand that especially he had a v bad experience to start with. And he sprayed insecticide HAHAHA especially for bedbugs!

LOL I guess it’s going to be a norm for us to bring begbug-ticide wherever we travel to in future. cos bedbugs really freak us out, and i believed it freaked everyone out as well!

The train journey was rather crap and I wont take train anymore. There’s a last minute notice that we have to alight at Kluang (which is near JB, but first is this the spelling?), and changed to a bus and take a train again, and the train that we are going to take its not going to be the one we book but a normal, old one. haiii… and i saw 3baby cockroaches during this journey and it’s disgusting.

The whole journey took about 10hrs?

But overall it’s a awesome experience because it’s my first time travelling to highlands, first time drinking teh halia, and first time taking the bloody train. πŸ˜€

going back in aug/sep period for real hiking and hopefully i would enjoy the bugs/insects and whatever there is to come. :O

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  1. very interesting blog u have! =) seems like u a journalist !! will love to join ya in ur trips!!! =P

    1. Haha aww thank u πŸ™‚ but my english not that good to be a journalist! HAHA.

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