I remove my moleS!

Travel done, staycation done. its hard to keep this space active! ha im just kidding. okay as you know ive been busy working during the school holidays. i only manage to rest for a week or plus? and tomorrow school starts! SIAN!

one good thing about this semester is that i only need to go school 3x a week. one more day for fyp discussion! i’m already stress even though we haven started, know why? Because im the leader. *stress*

and thank god my team is good and they are people close to me!

Anyway I just want to share happy stuffs today! I went for mole removal and im super happy cos i hate it when i take photos and i see my moles. Although It’s not obvious but the person herself, which is me, totally dread it.

This is the 2nd time I went for it, and i actually didnt carry much hope because the first time i went, they treat it 2times and still my mole is stuck there although smaller. damn stupid right?

But surprisingly this time round it’s gone and 2somemore!

the 2above, after laser and they looked even darker in color which i live with it for a week. totally ugly, AND WOW I GOT LONG EYELASHES
wow very teacher like right, i got this specs from gmarket. haha! i went out with the 2super dark moles on this day


ohyah side track, i tried perming my just-remove-extensions hair before going out down to MDIS to take my cert!


BACK TO today’s topic! ONE WEEK LATER!


LOL you know when i look at my face now, i feel less dirty AHHA. wtcrap right. but anyway im going to remove another 2more soon! Maybe next week or something! hehehe.

ohyah. its only $30 for 2!

15 thoughts on “I remove my moleS!

    1. the areas still healing now. but if your mole is too deep right you may have a dent. its better you check it out with the consultant 🙂

  1. Hi may I know which coslab outlet and specialist did you go to? Also how much was the price and was there any pain. Thanks!

    hey dear! northpoint =) ant bite during laser, and i cant really remb about $30-40?

  2. Is this a one time process or is it a two part treatment?

    depends on ur mole, but it should be a one time process. 🙂

  3. Hi I know this is history, but any recommendation on who to go to in the northpoint branch? Much appreciated

    1. erm im not sure who to recommend you cos they just assigned randomly as well. so sorry!

  4. hi, is coslab good? are rhey very pushy to aak you buy package and stuffs?? does your mole leave scars?

    nope no scars. 🙂 i dunno if they are good or not, cos they are the first and only outlet i went to. LOL. they didnt push me at all. 🙂

  5. Hey sorry to ask.. is it the mole straight away “disappear” or must go home and wait? If that is the case around how long?

    1. nope you must go home and wait den it will drop off by itself, about 1week?

  6. Is it safe? Is it sterilised or something? Am afraid that it wont be clean… thanks!

    I think it should be sterilised ba? Coslab should be professional one.. You can always call and ask them? 🙂

  7. Hey did you put anything after the mole removal for it to heal or you just left it alone and it healed by itself after a week?

    nope! nothing. leave it alone and it heal by itself. 🙂

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