[Travel] Cameron Highlands Day 2 Part 2/2

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You can check out my part 1 and 3. πŸ™‚

Cameron Highlands day 2! and I realized i havent update my hotel fort canning part 2 wth! i need to blog abt cameron first before i forget the sequence of the pictures.

but honestly i actually alrdy forgot. hahahhaha!

Anyway on DAY 2 we woke up at 4+am! We booked a tour guide to bring us up to catch sunrise! 65rm per pax. I think it’s quite expensive eh. Somemore we didn’t see any because it was raining the night before! But it was a really fantastic experience for me, it was so cold and scary up there in the mountains, i cant see anything!

The package included breakfast which consists of a strawberry muffin (mmm, yum), a sandwich and a bun/bread roll. Of cos not forgetting tea! The tea really helps to warm us up. It’s probably about 15degree that morning and I swear im so cold i lose my sense of balance. It’s unbelievable how Simon can survive with only short pants. Damned.

Mr Tour guide says if we climb Mt Brinchang we would need to be on fours. Okay im rather stress. But going back with my buddies in september to climb on fours would be better. i guess?

Mr sun why u no come out ? πŸ™

Mr tour guide took a few photos, this is @ the tea plantation area. He can use the camera flashlight better than mr simon himself. The camera flash just dont like mr simon mayhap?

freezing like mad. probably about 15degree or under.
haahha mr sun forever hiding

Our initial plan is to go to the tea plantation cafe and have our 2nd breakfast there. But mr tour guide drove us back to our hotel! It turned out that the cafe opens at 9am and we are too early so we decided to eat our 2nd breakfast in our hotel.

2breakfasts in a day, how not to be bloated? Especially when I spam the buffet.
Back to hotel we had a short nap. woke up and off we went to catch the local bus.
From what we know, the local bus should come at every 1hr interval. But we wait close to 2hrs! Mr simon read the reviews of the bus before, they drove by their own timing. So if they think they wanna rest they will go rest lor. -.-!

Before that at Sri Brinchang restaurant, it’s an indian ‘coffeeshop’. Erm we are at TanahRata not Brinchang

my first time drinking TEH HALIA! OMG SHIOK PLS

im not a milk person becos im lactose intolerant. soooooo thats why im so fascinated with teh halia πŸ˜€

took the bus and we alight at the area near honeybee farm cos we missed the stop ahhaa. but nevermind we can always go to honey bee farm first! nothing special inside, maybe cos the honey bee maze is closed? But i dun wanna try lah i dun wan to be stinged :X

I think this is taken by Simontey when i came out of the toilet or… aiya stm la me.

The most special part about HoneyBee Farm is Simontey and me eating icecream! know why? his teeth is sensitive to icy cold stuffs. And we are both freezing that’s why i dare him to eat icecream HAHHAA. look at his jiaobin ;x

well im happily enjoying, i like icecream in super cold weather i realized
this place looked familiar… er?

we walk walk walk and walked to tea plantation. we wanna go to the cafe for the famous scones and coconut tarts!

the signboard always tricked us!

everytime you see they put a certain kilometre, you probably have to multiply it by 2 or 3. then that will be the actual distance!

hey there! the hill is so steep in some parts, i wonder how they work!
farfaraway i see my cafe. drooling in progress.. so paiseh tey just told me this is not the cafe is some random mansion hahaha! OOPS
why do i look so sian?

i probably am thinking: WHEN CAN I DIG IN? IVE WALK SO MUCH I WANT TO EAT NOW!

coconut tart, dun rly like it. i only love the crumbs. i love the crumbs of any and every pastry!
a pic taken by my new galaxy s2 limited ed pink! HOHO
everytime we see the dark clouds we feel sian. Mr tey took a few pics and we walked around after that, we quickly rush off.
BYE BOH TEA CENTRE! i miss you!

Along the way down the hill, I kept mumbling to Mr simon and myself, WE HAVE TO BELIEVE TEA PLANTATION, IT WILL NOT RAIN. i dun mind if we wear poncho BUT THE PROBLEM IS THE ROAD IS DAMN NARROW. we might just fall and roll down! den is really G.G.

When we finally reached, it havent rain, thank tea plantation!
You remember i say we took the local bus after waiting for 1hr plus? Mr tey says we have to go back by the local bus as well. We bought strawberries from one of the stalls there and they smell really yummy! smell only ah.. -.-

We waiting for the bloody sickening bus for close to 1hr, standing there like an idiot. Luckily there’s this nice man who drove the titiwangsa tour van who approached us and offer to drive us back to Brinchang! OMG haoxingren leh!!

Inside the van there’s another 2tourists who happened to be a old couple, they are so sweet when they bickered hehe. They are from sarawak. The tour guide also tell us that we can actually approached any drivers on the road and show them the direction we want to go, they will help us if they are on the way. ermm. Mr Tey will never approach people.

Back to Brinchang for dinner! No more steamboat, we are damn bloated.

I wanted sweet and sour pork! and tey said the serving will be small. this beer ribs even more smaller lor! but okay lah the taste, damn hard!
my fav hotplate tofu. small serving also
dou miao!

after dinner and some walks, we took a cab back to TanahRata. The cab fare shd be 5rm if im not wrong, but we always kenna charged more.

Miss Cameron Highlands so much, especially the food!!! The jam, toast, scones! steamboat. argh!

back to hotel! i cant rotate the photo. zzz btw notice the 2moles on my forehead? they’re gone! πŸ˜€

im glad i dun need to rely on contact lens anymore. ive got perfect eyesight and my eyes are rather big so why shd i waste my money? πŸ˜€ but maybe one day i will want to wear cos of the colors! ive got many contact lens solution what the hell shd i do with them???

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