Updates on my hectic life

Well 4days work over, one kids read session over. This space is going to be updated without pictures since Im so busy.

Cant wait for the last week of March, gonna camp and go genting. I thought of going back to Hongkong, but Simon told me he wanna save the $ to fulfill my dream which left me thinking, will I complain somemore if I really got what I’ve wanted since years ago.

I’m worried that it will backfire, But I guess I would blog about it when I go for it.And of course I will save for it too cos I don’t wanna use his $.

20more days of work, sunburn, 2tone colors on the legs, what’s more? oh yah. Im hitting 47kg. simon says im getting really skinny now. I need to get more jeans cos all are loose, probably 2sizes down?

let’s backtrack to what I wrote for my new year resolutions.

This year focus on complexion! Because Iā€™m alrdy fugging AH dun wan talk about my age already. (it improved dramatically)

Cut down on snacks, take in more nutrition. I havent take snacks for 1month. Been eating healthy and nutritious food.

BE MORE ORGANIZED yes, better now.
BE MORE UNDERSTANDING here and there cos when PMS strike, everything goes haywire.
PMS problem again.
BE A BETTER GIRLFRIEND, no i mean even better. HAHA
I planned a surprise for him, first and special one.

Start training for 2.4. -.- havent yet, no energy to run.
not even once yet, coming soon for the first.

Volunteer in community activities. Yep, the kids read :

Yes a better blogger & MORE HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT ARTICLES! not really cos i’ve been too busy šŸ™

this 2012,

I’m the leader of my FYP team
A few mths more to my braces (time really flies)
Doing proposal for overseas internship
maybe also doing some seminar

it’s eventful and fruitful. although im really tired, applying scholarship in april. cos i need to wait for results to be published. and i pray for all 5 to be As. šŸ™‚

i need to achieve something in my life. now im satisfied with it. im glad i went to poly and did my very best.

and and and Thank you readers for still coming here and asking me questions. I appreciate that, really. :’)