And so..

And so I did not go for the pre seminar interview. I guess I would regret in future or maybe not. hahahaha.

After today would be 19more days to end work, im glad i can work with my friend, my all time supporter pinky on thursday, friday and sunday for this week πŸ˜€ I will just have to tahan for today and tml, oh ya saturday also. Isn’t it weird i didn’t reveal my work place? hahaha no way man. cos i look exactly like a auntie when i work! HAHHAA.

So hopefully after this hectic march, i will be back with pictures and blog posts. cos i guess you guys might be thinking im boring alrdy right? πŸ™

i’m thinking if i shd really go for the thing, cos it’s scary and it costs a bomb. if i go, i promise i would blog ^^V

see ya!

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