I’m busy again, it’s supposed to be my holidays, enjoy? Not, not really, maybe not yet.

I’m currently working now, and for the past 2days, it had been raining, but seeing the kids happy made me happy too. But yesterday was sad, cos it rained the whole day, rain the whole day means nobody come. So yah I went home early anyway.

Today I’m going for my first volunteer session, reading to kids. Spending time with kids this holiday break. woohoo sound not too bad.

Smiling will make me younger even if I’ve got no time to mask and sleep, i hope.

I’m so sorry that I haven been updating on the ‘lose weight article’. hopefully soon.

I’ve been so busy that i’ve hit 48kg, well, this year’s busy. and i break record, cos this is the lowest i’ve ever go, not even when i was anorexic.