How to fight unhealthy skin?

I thought i shouldn’t let what i learn in school go to waste, so i decided to blog it out! at the same time helping with my revision HOORAY! 😀

It’s some of the basics, also the least we can do to maintain healthy skin.

here u go~

1) Avoid prolong exposure to direct sunlight and remember to apply sunblock!

aside from skin cancer, you will get WRINKLES, MOTTLED PIGMENTATION and SALLOWNESS.

*mottled pigmentation: Discolored areas of the skin
*sallowness: a yellow discoloration of the skin


2) Sleep for at least 6-8hrs everyday!

3) have a BALANCED DIET, eat more vegetables and fruits

we will definitely look bad if we are malnutritioned. unhealthy food causes pimples as well!

4) Try to avoid stress, ALCOHOL, SMOKING AND CAFFEINE. (*try*)

these are age accelerators.

5) DRINK WATER! at least 2litres a day!

water is so important, helps your skin, helps to get rid of fats, flush out toxins, and it’s ZERO CALORIE.

for me, i think the next important one is having sufficient rest. it really affects alot man…

wait for my next post okay 🙂

im thinking if im able to come up with a plan to burn calories while on vacation!
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