Review: Biotherm – SKIN.ERGETIC, i love it!

I really need to say something before I continue, this is really the best awesome and innovative product ever!
other than aquasource this is another launch that amazed me.

Biotherm never fail to surprise us!

I bet you heard about the rave of the new SKIN.ERGETIC, if not, i’ll make sure you know about it today! 🙂

SKIN.ERGETIC is invented to fight skin fatigue!

Now you may want to ask what is skin fatigue? and what are the signs of it?

we women, due to insufficient of sleep, everyday multi-tasking, improper diet, smoking, pollution, stress and many other factors, are starting to have signs on our face like

– uneven complexion

– dull skin, loss of radiance

– visible PORES (women’s hatred)

– unrefined skin texture

– roughness

so how can SKIN.ERGETIC helps with these problems?

  • boosting skin cell vitality by stimulating mitochondrial activity
  • helping the skin protect itself from daily aggression
  • stimulating the skin’s capacity to recover and to eliminate waste

in case you’re wondering what is mitochondrial, it is actually a component to proper cell functioning, which also mean that improper functioning of this component would lead to DETERIORATION OF SKIN TISSUE! and this is how all the awful signs appear!

and now with this new invention of SKIN.ERGETIC, we can say BYE to awful ugly fatigue signs and welcome healthy skin 😀

This serum is unique because of the combination:




AHA from lemons and sugar cane – exfoliation for smoother and luminous skin.

i heard of durian in products before, and now BROCCOLI?

broccoli is selected for its anti-oxidant functions and its capacity to induce defense systems, ahhh now you know why..

okay i shall stop the ranting, and show you the pictures of this amazing product 😀


no parabens
no mineral oil
no artifical colors

let us check it out! 😀

eh? how come got this extra package inside the box? and green bottle really looks refreshing, no wonder call fresh skincare 😛

after checking the instruction…….
im suppose to do this…

take off original cap, smell really nice! fragrance is of 100% natural origin!
and fix this on. and ‘this’ is what’s inside the foil
now u fix ‘this’ on, and PRESS down which also mean ‘click’
and after that take off the cap and EH WHAT IS THIS?

lemme reveal the answer 😀
it’s actually BROCCOLI EXTRACT!
biotherm isolate this ingredient so that it could be activated at the last minute before the first application!
and with just one click, the product will be at it’s optimum efficiency for 3mths!

and of cos after that remember to shake it!

shake shake
what is this? to write down your activation date! 😀 very very thoughtful of them

it’s really innovative because i feel like i just create my own skincare, furthermore it’s a powerful one! 😀

i will do a actual review on my face for this product, reason im not doing now is simple, you can’t expect to see changes or differences in just one time application. so probably about 2weeks later i will review it and also i heard there’s a massage technique to follow! aiya i didnt manage to attend the event as i was having my exams but i will learn the methods and probably, most probably i will vlog it 🙂

and if you think biotherm is marketing their latest product, i beg to differ because they also send me this!

this is much easier to review 😀 sooon!
candy with my name on it 🙂

and god, they are really efficient, this morning they say will send me, and i got it this afternoon!

i think it’s available from 25th august! to know more go to their facebook 🙂 BIOTHERM FB