i look ugly in this but i dont care. cos she was never willing to take picture!
preparing to cut the cake. (;
ahma pointing the knife @ herself! with her friend. ‘sell newspaper auntie’. HAH.

didnt manage to update this few days cos internet was down @ work. ass.
10th april. good friday & AHMA’S BDAY!
i dont know it has been how long since she cut a bday cake or blow the candle. she seemed really happy ytd. i am happy for her too. its a bad yr for her, but im glad she enjoyed herself. i bought her a fan. and hubby gave her a angbao. it is also the 1st time i got her a present! 😡 maybe some other times before but its only food. anyway i hope she will remain cheerful always from yesterday onwards. xD and she is really cute to play with the knife! hahaha. lao cute! LAUGHS.

again! happy birthday ahma! i LOVE you! (;