finished. (;

hate the specs.i decided to re**** and i told my super about this, @ the same time i need her daughter/son’s textbook. ohmy. she said its for my own good. she support me. den she hesitate for a moment and say why now den i decided on this (means that i got to go soon). she cried. 🙁
not really cry but can see from her eyes, and immediately she turned over. );
gonna buy chocolates for her. she loves it. and also rice. LOL!
although im not really happy, but still, i would miss the laughters over here. damned.
gonna go cut bangs later. BYEBYE TO MESSY AND LONG FRINGE.
dono why i keep feeling hungry.. 🙁
* mia!
i cant control my appetite now.! god damn it. i dont want to go out and eat anymore!!! fuckkkkkkkkk!