Psychology and Criminology (Double major)

Hi guys, it is 6th of August 12.04am now. I am not sure when I will be publishing this as I might be taking my own sweet time to write this post.

Life has been SO BUSY. I didn’t even update that I have joined the financial services industry.. Anyway it’s been more than 2 years already.. what an exciting yet crazy journey and I don’t know how to explain how being an advisor really is like. Other than work, I feel like I really went through alot these 2 years too.

The switch from a stable environment to an unknown was really a stressful one and I am glad that I managed to survive and have done pretty well.. so far la.. hahaha.

So…. back to the subject today.. I am studying again LOL. I am quite excited TBH! Finally after 12 years I’m taking Psy and I’m starting school in 2 weeks’ time.

My life is always guided by a timeline/plan. E.g to have a house and be married by 25, to have kids by 30, but now to 32 as I wanna complete my studies first. To have a certain amount of money by 30, to be financially free at 50, to retire in Perth or NZ, so on and so forth…

Everything is going accordingly to my plan but for some reason I am not very happy. Maybe I feel tied down by all these goals.

I also have to make it clear that me going ahead with this does not mean that I am going to quit and change my career once I complete my degree (anyway the whole pathway will take about 5-7years). This could be my retirement job in Aussie, who knows lol.

I love studying and I also want to know more about psychology as it has always been my interest. Yah I really love studying, if only someone can pay me to study for life, I will happily do that. So TBH the chances of me continuing with Masters is quite high la lol even though the freaking course fees is going to be $66k. Like what my friend said, I am working hard to throw all my money into school. hahaha

I guess this is what I like to do? And my hobby? Albeit a rather expensive one but its a good hobby =D

Hope to be able to update more, I think I need to start writing again to release all the stress I’m feeling lately. Am pushing Mr Tey to write more too :p

Claire Lim

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