[S-series] A Few Easy Dinner Recipes for the Lazy Bum

Why do I cook my own dinner nowadays?

Most days recently, I’m getting so darn closed up with myself I even shun the interaction from the friendly neighbourhood economic rice cook. I opt for home cooked meals because I can minimize my human to human interactions to just the supermarket cashier. A usual conversation between me and the cashier would be as follows.

Me: *Puts my purchases at the counter, avoid eye-contact*

Me: ‘Pay by paywave’

Me: ‘Thanks’ receive the receipt and scurries away to my hole(home)

I always have to shop at the supermarket so I might as well buy my dinner ingredients there and eliminate one human interaction from my day. I rather go through the trouble of cooking for myself than talking to one more person. That’s how much of an introvert I am.

And so, besides being really introverted, I’m also really lazy. So I will try to simplify my dinner as much as possible. Well I don’t need to impress myself so I’ll just make it as easy as possible without resulting with me vomiting my dinner into the bowl. The following recipes will go from the most to the least amount effort needed to cook and clean up in my opinion.

Kimchi Tao-geh Fried Rice

  1. Seasoned bean sprouts with scallion/leek – 1/2 cup
  2. Ready-to-eat kimchi – 1/2 cup
  3. Short grain rice – 1 cup (uncooked)
  4. Katsuo-Fumi Furikake – to taste
  5. Chilli powder – optional
  6. Roasted sesame milled – optional

It was easy to make and most of the time wastage was the wait for the rice to cook. Once the rice is ready, I simple mix in the tao-geh, kimchi and seasonings. Super easy!

Bean Sprout (Tao-Geh) seasoned with sesame oil, salt and chilli powder. A simple yet tasty side dish.
Oh yeah I added a sunny side up on the rice too.

Somen with canned tuna, kimchi, bean sprouts and poached egg.

  1. Somen – 1 serving
  2. Canned tuna – 1 serving
  3. Kimchi – 1/2 cup
  4. Seasoned bean sprouts with scallion/leek – 1/2 cup
  5. Poached egg – x1
  6. Roasted sesame seeds – to taste

In the past, I made somen hot. It was mushy and bland. Today, I cooked it and washed it in ice water, I never looked back since. Little did I know that the somen was meant to be eaten cold, it tasted really refreshing. But just somen alone can never pass off as a complete meal. So the lazy me just added all the prepared side dishes and canned food to the noodles. Added a poached egg so that I can enjoy the noodles with runny yolk.

Plain Rice Onigiri with Bean sprouts and Sardine Omelette and Ohba

  1. Short grain rice – 1 cup (uncooked)
  2. Egg – x1
  3. Ohba (green shiso leaves) – x4
  4. Seasoned bean sprouts with scallion/leek – 1/2 cup
  5. Canned Miso Sardine – 1 serving

Cook rice, mould them into triangular shape by hand. Then beat an egg and fry it, topped with beansprouts and sardines, garnished with pan fried ohba leaves. The egg dish was surprisingly tasty! I actually bought the ohba leaves to wrap the rice balls, but decided to use it as a garnish.

Easy Dinners

Settling my dinners like this was kinda fun actually. Using the shortest time to prepare my last meal of the day and remain tasty enough wasn’t that difficult. I get to save a little too because I’ll stop buying fast food and such for dinner. This way I also lose lesser hair and gain better health from eating less sodium sugar etc, but the thing is, I lost more weight. I’m already a skinny chinese man to begin with and losing more weight isn’t ideal in my situation…

Well that’s it for this round. Next home cooked meal post would have more of my lazy man recipes on random stuff I thought I can make without coating my kitchen with a layer of grime. It’s already got a layer of dust and I feel that’s plenty.

Till next time.

-Simon Tey

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