[S-series] 2020 ver 1.0 Changi Coastal Walk

Seems like we’re back.. after our unannounced hiatus. Well we are not really some big names and going missing like this (my special ability) is not going to cause anybody any pain, right?

So anyways, despite our busy schedules, we still try to find time going on random outings fueled by spontaneity of the moment. Like just a few weeks ago, we went to Changi Point Coastal Walk just to.. erm.. walk…

There was of course a objective in mind, some might call it a motive, I entice Claire by saying we will probably end at Changi Village hawker where we will eat all the famous food there like the nasi lemak, chicken cutlet hor fun, the bak chor mee I missed so much and of course red tea jelly with logan from Mei Lin dessert store where they also serve “6th coy” dessert which I don’t really like but still likes to order last time just because I was from 6th coy too.

It’s all good until it started to rain.. thats when we grapple between staying at home and slack the day away or go out and brave the rain. But most grey skies in Singapore, it doesn’t last forever. So we called a ‘Just Grab’ and off we went to our little adventure.

We started at the Western part of the Coastal Walk on Andover Road. The place is still the same since the last time we were here, other than the increased number of boats in the narrow strait.

It’s still drizzling rather aggressively so we donned our rain jackets. The walk has a good mix of nature and man-made paths. You can see sea birds and some crustaceans along our rocky Northeastern coastline. We met many fishing enthusiasts along the way and at times we need to be mindful not to walk into their lines, which can sometimes stretch across the path.

The walk was much shorter than I remembered, it took us less than an hour to reach Changi Village. A little before that, we saw police and SCDF vehicles on the far side if the shore. Such a worrying sight, turns out that’s where the 14 year old boy drown, God rest his soul.

We ended our walk at Changi Village, we were not very hungry in the end as it wasn’t a very physically taxing activity, so we shared a pack of ‘Famous Nasi Lemak’ because I thought thats the ‘famous’ nasi lemak there. But we thought it wasn’t very nice… When I was still serving my NS I remembered always buying from the corner stall, I guess that’s the nicer one? Not too sure about that. We also didn’t go for Red Tea Longan. Oh well.

After the meal, we quickly left the hawker centre as many people started standing near us eyeing on our table. I walked around to Changi Cycling Singapore shop to check out their inventory of cycling goods. I’ve been quite into bike touring or bike packing, still can’t really tell the difference. Someone please enlighten me with layman terms. But I meant I bought a touring specific steel bike about a year ago from…. China… Hey it’s a good bike okay! Since then I have been obssessively modding it and loading it with accessories that will help me carry stuff. So I’m always looking at bike parts all the time. So back to the shop, it has an impressive inventory on its Carousell account, but they don’t have the space to lay it all out. Therefore, I didn’t get to ogle on beautiful bike parts…

Oh dear, this has become a long post with me babbling on and on and on.. We were going to call a Grab to Tampines One but saw ‘Chock Full of Beans’ on Google maps. I think we wanted to visit the cafe but as will many other things, we totally forgot. So I thought why not? I need a caffeine shot anyways.

The cafe is located at a quiet corner of a row of shops. A small cosy place to waste time in, coffee was nice, with accurate depiction of ‘Peanuts’ character art on it. Claire got Snoopy while I got the jiao, whom my friend told me it’s called ‘Woodstock’ instead. I also ordered a carrot cake, cannot resist carrot cakes. It’s a little different from Cedele’s which I always use as a standard to compare to. The cake was heavy, always bread-like, with a thick layer of cream cheese in the middle. The cheese was light on sweetness too. Quite nice, quite different.

Then we hop on a Grab and end our day after getting some of our daily necessities from Tampines One.

I believe I have bored you enough. As I age further I babble more and more. Good day ma’am and sirs.


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