[S-series] 2020 ver 2.1 zhng my bike in September


I have been buying parts and accessories frequently ever since I got a little more serious about my bicycle about 2 years back. Till date, after riding my China made LKLM bike fore over a year now, I think I’ve spent a thousand or more on parts and bike bags already… Need to do some trial and error to know what suits me best right..

Pardon the mess..

My best purchase was the titanium handlebars I bought together with my bike from Taobao. I’ve gotten a similar item from the same shop and they can customise the dimensions of the handlebars according to your needs. Check them out here, they’re awesome people, although you probably need to know the language if you’re gonna shop on Taobao.

Then soon after, I ordered a Fairweather frame bag from Bluelug Japan. I was initially eyeing on Oveja Negra half frame bag instead, but the colour I wanted was out of stock and Fairweather was cheaper (I’m really cheap I know) so I opted for the latter. Little did I know that it was too short for my top tube.. and there was a small hole on the top of the supposedly waterproof bag that allows a drinking tube to be thread through. But the hole cannot be sealed or covered so whenever it rains heavily, everthing inside got wet.

Fairweather below Oveja Negra
That gaping hole that let in rain unobstructed. Thanks ah.

So it rings true, poor man really pays double in the end, that’s why after a year I bit the bullet and ordered an Oveja Negra Half Pack frame bag… well, about 2 months ago actually.

It took 2 months to get it from USA to Singapore. Well the story goes like this… I ordered from the Oveja Negra website, a few days later, I got an updated that my package is posted with USPS. And for the following month, that’s the only update I’ve got from that unfortunate parcel…

I’ve contacted Oveja Negra at the 2 weeks mark, but because of the Covid-19 situation in the USA, they advised me to either contact USPS or just wait. Sure enough, USPS told me to wait as well. So at the 4 weeks mark, I contacted USPS again, since on Oveja Negra’s side, they already posted the parcel so its out of their hands already. USPS just gave me a robotic response asking me to wait patiently again. At this point, I’m 70% sure I’m not going to get my parcel at all.

I contacted Oveja Negra again with the intention of asking them if they heard any similar grievances from customers like me. But to my surprise, their boss responded and told me she’ll send me another set for free! How cool is that!

Came with sweet treats too 😆

So after 2months, I finally got my new bike bag and it fit perfectly. It also survives a horrible downpour recently and kept my belongings dry despite also having a hole on top for drinking tubes, sealable by velcro.

In the parcel, there was also a handwritten card apologising for the delay (not your fault I’m sure!) and wishing for my health and happiness. That human touch is greatly appreciated. Thank you Oveja Negra for being awesome.

I also got a separate handlebar snack bag, the Chuckbucket. So big, so chio. Just didn’t liked the velcro on the mesh pocket outside, maybe its meant for tiny stuff you don’t wanna loose after going over a rough patch.


  • Half-Pack XL: 21.5″ x 5.25″
  • Chuckbucket: 7″ x 4.5″

I guess in future, I should just buy my bike bags from them suah lah. No need to waste time finding a better deal etc, Oveja Negra was one of the pioneers in bikepacking bags and rightly so, because their hand-made products are of very high quality, and because they are so awesome.

Bye guys,


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